December 3, 2012 by Robert Farago

Jesse Buchanan writes:

............. and.........

........I ask if one of them if heís going to the buy back, and tell him theyíre giving out $25 gift cards for long guns. Iíll give him $40 cash.

ďI canít do that. I want this gun to go where it should go,Ē he said.

Okay, Iíll be here if you change your mind.

About two minutes later four police came out the door, two uniformed and two in plainclothes. They made a beeline for me.

I canít say I wasnít expecting this.

........That was a tactical decision. More fundamentally, I misjudged my audience. The people bringing guns arenít looking for fast cash. They donít care that they could get more money elsewhere, or right on the sidewalk from me with my stack of twentys. They believe in these programs, they want to see these guns destroyed.

Losing out economically, the waste of destroying valuable property, doesnít bother them. They think theyíre making the streets safer by turning in uncle Tonyís bolt-action .22, even though the people running these programs know thatís a myth. These things are just a feel-goods for community activists.

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