MSNBC video on arming teachers

MSNBC video on arming teachers

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Thread: MSNBC video on arming teachers

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    MSNBC video on arming teachers

    What one sided, nauseous drivel. Be sure to secure your head with duct tape first!
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    Well - we all know that ''councilling'' and ''resources'' will cure all ills

    I do realize that, as we have discussed in other thread, there are many teachers who would not even entertain carry but there are some who could and would - as well as being amenable to adequate training etc. Then too the option of at least some armed security personel.

    I am sure [cynic hat] - ''councilling'' would have made all the difference in these recent three school shootings [/cynic hat]
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    Don't forget " the community" and "relationship." Because we all know that "staying in touch with the troubled youth of america" will keep adult criminals from walking into the school and shooting the place up.

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    I guess it would be way too much to ask for equal time from a pro 2A teacher.
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    It's time for new thinking about guns in schools

    It's time for new thinking about guns in schools
    By Andrew Rothman

    In the last two weeks, we've seen a rash of deadly school shootings. In
    Bailey, Colo., an armed man burst into a school, held six girls hostage,
    molesting some of them before killing one of the girls and then himself. In
    rural central Wisconsin, a 15-year-old boy shot and killed his school

    And in Lancaster, Pa., Charles Carl Roberts IV took 10 Amish girls hostage
    at a school, then shot them, execution-style. At this writing, five girls
    have died, one has been removed from life support and brought home to die,
    and four are still hospitalized.

    Roberts wasn't Amish, police say, and held no particular grudge against
    them. According to Pennsylvania's State Police commissioner, he just picked
    the school because it was close, and had little or no security.
    In all of these murders, the perpetrators chose to attack where they knew
    there would be no effective resistance to their violence.

    Unfortunately, that is the situation in almost all of our schools.
    FBI statistics have proven that the single most effective means of
    preventing violent harm is to resist with a firearm. And yet our lawmakers
    and school officials have effectively assured that these deadly attacks will
    continue to occur in our children's schools.

    It doesn't have to be this way. In Israel, after PLO terrorists targeted
    school children in 1974, the government started letting reservists keep
    their guns at home and carry them on the streets.

    Teachers and school nurses started to carry guns, armed parent (and
    grandparent) volunteers patrolled the schools, and no field trips were
    taken without armed guards.

    As a result, the terrorists gave up on schools as targets. Well, one
    particularly stubborn terrorist attempted a suicide attack in 2002, but an
    Israeli teacher shot him before he harmed anyone.

    In March 2005, when Jeff Weise killed his police officer grandfather, stole
    his police guns and drove to Red Lake High School, he had nine minutes
    before police arrived, time enough to kill an unarmed security guard, a
    teacher and five students and to shoot and seriously injure seven more.

    An armed guard, an armed principal or an armed janitor could have
    stopped him within those nine minutes and cut short his deadly rampage.

    Some will undoubtedly argue that more guns can only lead to more violence.
    But to do so is to fall prey to the worst sort of moral relativism.
    Offensive violence and defensive force are not the same; force, even lethal
    force, in the protection of innocent lives, is a moral right embraced by
    Mahatma Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, and every
    legal system in our history from Minnesota Statutes to the 4,000-year-old
    Code of Hammurabi.

    Under Minnesota law, schools and day cares may allow faculty, staff, parents
    or visitors with carry permits to carry a defensive firearm in the school.
    All it takes is a letter of permission from the principal, superintendent or
    day care director.

    As a firearm instructor, I'm willing to do my part. I, or one on my fellow
    certified instructors, will provide carry permit training, at no charge, for
    any public school employee with such permission.

    Minnesota school officials, we need those permissions to be given -
    Minnesota's children are worth protecting.

    Andrew Rothman, of Chanhassen, is a certified firearm instructor, executive
    director of the Minnesota Association of Defensive Firearm Instructors
    ( and the father of two children who will soon be of school

    Copyright (C) 2006 by Andrew Rothman. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this article, complete and unaltered, in any format.
    MADFI (, the state's first and largest nonprofit carry instructor certification organization.

    NRA, MADFI, UT certified firearms instructor. Class info at

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    amen, brother! a good man that does nothing, is evil enough. but when you are legally forced to leave your neighbors and yourself unprotected because of some "feel good" laws, then that is just tragic. in tn, the only time you can take your firearm to a school, is when you are picking up or dropping off someone, if you exit your vehicle, your firearm must stay there, i dont know if it is just paranoia, but it kills me to think that at my little sisters' soccer game i must go unarmed, because that is the law, but the psycho that could come and start shooting the place up probably would not honor that same law! i believe that if i have done everything right to get a carry permit then i am responsible enough to know when and where it is appropriate to use lethal force, and that goes for all my brothers and sisters in this great country that have received the same rights to carry as i have. to be able to meet force with force would not only save innocent lives, but would be a strong deterrent in its self!

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    Need more counsellors? give me a break, will they counsel the BG to drop the gun? What a dumba$$
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    Andrew is debating the U of M Police chief on Tuesday about their gun ban for students and staff. Will you be there?

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyC View Post
    It's time for new thinking about guns in schools
    By Andrew Rothman
    Excellantly written article. Very straight-forward and rational. Do you have an external link to the article? I'd like to have some people read it, without having to register here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    ...there are many teachers who would not even entertain carry but there are some who could and would - as well as being amenable to adequate training etc....
    You bet ya! Just make it legal for me.

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