My argument against gun control

My argument against gun control

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Thread: My argument against gun control

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    My argument against gun control

    I've said this more than once over the past few days in conversations we've all probably had but I believe the only impact legislation will have on the products which are banned is to increase their price on the black market. I submit the drug war as evidence to support my point. I would love to see a total of all the money spent on the drug war, it must be in the trillions. Yet, I bet that any one of us could drive fewer than 10 miles and spend under an hour before finding any one of the outlawed drugs. Outlawing guns will simply eliminate them from those who already abide by the laws.

    I find the drug war to be something that most can identify with. Those pushing for more gun control are often somewhat softer in their stance on drug laws as they lean towards more personal freedom, at least with some of the "softer" drugs. We are all quite familiar with education put forth about drugs, enforcement activities in our own and other local communities and our prisons full of people who have violated these laws. At the very same time, we all know how readily available these products are. Legislating anything that bans certain types of guns, magazines, etc will have very little effect on the criminal population.

    I have found this to be a good resource as well. Click the link and then select "screen" to download the e-book. Lots of good statistics in there.

    Gun Facts - Gun Control | Facts | Debunk | Myths

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    The truth about all of this is that their is NO reason-based argument that will work with anti folks right now. The response from most, including media and government officials, is an EMOTIONAL response, not a logical one. Whatever results from this will be an EMOTIONAL result, not a logical one.

    We should quit trying to cite statistics and construct logical arguments and go to the one real EMOTIONAL argument that is relevant:

    No matter what laws are passed, no matter what bans are put in place, no matter what rhetoric is eloquently spread over the airwaves, one truth remains: The government CANNOT and in some cases WILL NOT protect you! They can only respond AFTER the fact, like they are now. YOU are responsible for your own protection and the protection of your loved-ones, and if you cede that responsibility to someone else or to some supposed "authority", YOU are partially to blame if they are not protected. You must preserve your rights so YOU have the ability to fight back with a weapon appropriate to the task in cases like these!

    That is the only reason to protect our rights that actually matters.

    I work for the government and if anyone thinks that our government at ANY level can be effective AT ALL at enforcing a ban on ANYTHING, they are living in a dream world of denial.
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    Here is my theory on "gun control" most of America is like a herd of cattle. None of which think for themselves, and only know what they are told. the media says "guns are bad" so the general population thinks guns are bad. So we take guns away, now the "cattle" are told there are no guns and the world is safe. All its doing is creating a false sense of security for the closed minded ignorant Americans. I think and hope the "leaders" of this country really dont think it will work, and they just say it will so everyone feels all warm a fuzzy in side.
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