What If???

What If???

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Thread: What If???

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    What If???

    Anyone care to speculate? I will.

    What (IF) after this evil individual in Newtown after committing this horrendous act had not
    killed his mother?

    I feel certain she would have been arrested on a multitude of charges (real and imagined) and either be behind bars or
    in deep protective custody. Americans everywhere including our reps would be and rightfully so, looking at accountability
    of individuals.

    Humans have a need to blame someone. Since this was not possible, might as well blame the implement of destruction.

    I also have a hunch that the 2A would not be receiving this level of attack had the above occurred.

    The hypocrisy is amazing.
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    Well, we have an actual what-if, in the case of the embassy attack in Bengazi from earlier in the year. The recent report on the incident heavily blamed severe deficiencies in security levels at the facility for allowing ease of entry that resulted in four deaths. SecState Clinton has "accepted" the report's conclusions. The facility's building/staff's lack of effective ability to withstand attack directly contributed to the carnage.

    And yet, a similar type situation occurs elsewhere, in a school via one individual, and it's THE GUN to blame. Not the murderer, first and foremost, or his series of crimes that got him his weapons, and not the school's lack of effective security.

    A bit of hypocrisy, yes.

    Unfortunately, if the hysterical "tunnel vision" approach to review of the Newtown situation isn't reviewed with the same sanity and rationality as the Bengazi report largely was, then MUCH is going to get missed, avoided, swept under the rug. To the future detriment of everyone in the path of the next tornado. Let alone the threat against tens of millions of people who are now being directly threatened with forcible disarmament on a vast scale. Amazing, that a few situations can be rationalized as being worth tossing tens of millions of people and their families under the bus. I'll never understand that.
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