White house looking for feedback on reducing gun violence

White house looking for feedback on reducing gun violence

This is a discussion on White house looking for feedback on reducing gun violence within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I stumbled across this link posted on another forum i frequent, i figured it would do well to post it here as well. Share Your ...

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Thread: White house looking for feedback on reducing gun violence

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    White house looking for feedback on reducing gun violence

    I stumbled across this link posted on another forum i frequent, i figured it would do well to post it here as well.

    Share Your Thoughts on Reducing Gun Violence | The White House

    I feel this is something everyone here should do..

    They want your opinions, and they've made it easy for you to do..

    You don't need to write anything super long, something along the lines of " I don't think XXXX is the answer, instead I encourage you to to look into XXXX" would be more than enough.

    They don't know your opinions unless you make them known

    here is what i wrote in case you are interested...

    Dear Mr. President,

    I know you are eager find a solution to the gun violence problem we are currently facing in this country, as a legal gun owner and law abiding citizen I must say I wish to find a solution as well. I know you have expressed wished to enact legislation similar to the Clinton era Assault weapon ban, I must say in good conscious that this is only a 'band-aid' fix and does not address the real issue at hand. The Clinton era assault weapons ban did nothing to stop the tragedy that happened at Columbine high school, and you will find FBI statistics proved it was not effective in reducing violent crimes in general across the country .I am sure I dont have to tell you that by definition, criminals do not obey the law, which is why I feel any new legislation regarding gun control will only serve to inhibit the rights of legal gun owners (the very people who you not need be concerned with).

    I feel the root of this issue is the current state of mental health in this country. As it stands now, much of America is woefully ignorant of mental health and how large of a factor it plays in preventing tragedies like the events at Newton, CT. We need to encourage those who are ill to seek treatment, and encourage friends and families to speak up if they notice odd or disturbing behavior. Mental healthcare needs to be made more available, and we need to remove the stigma that is currently surrounding mental health to ensure people are more willing to accept treatment. I suggest Annual mental health screening by qualified individuals in High schools would be a great way to find and treat those who may be a potential risk to themselves and others before they can act would go a long way in preventing future tragedies.

    I would like to thank you for reaching out to the country and allowing me to give my input into the matter.

    you need to use your 1st amendment rights to help defend your 2nd.

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    What they will read is "Yeah, Ban the guns. Ban them now!"

    And everything else is just going to be noise..

    But I may be mistaken.

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    Done. Should have copied what I wrote and posted it. Basically said that we have a "violence" issue more so than a "gun violence" issue and that we need to address the root of the problem. Also, that trying to eliminate guns would likely shift the problem to other weapons, possibly more lethal such as bombs or chemicals.

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    What they will read is "Yeah, Ban the guns. Ban them now!"

    And everything else is just going to be noise..
    you know, i thought of that...but i figured having my opinion ignored is better than not giving it at all. at least if they have it, there's always the possibility they may read it.

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    Here is what I sent.

    Mr. President:

    Like you, I would like to see a reduction in senseless shootings. I have, however, noted a disturbing trend that the vast, vast majority of these shootings take place in locations that are gun-free zones, either by law or by owner/operator desire.

    I believe that we could reduce school shootings by placing trained and armed personnel (police, guards, teachers or others with the proper training) in our schools. As much as the principal and several teachers at the Newtown school tried to stop the shooter, lacking the proper tool - in this case a gun to counteract the shooter’s gun - their efforts were doomed by their compliance with the current law. Had they been allowed to have the proper tools for the job, they may still be alive along with the 20 kids that were killed.

    One need look no further than Israel to find a model for arming adults in schools and reducing school shootings. Teachers and administrators in Israel are trained and armed and they have very little school violence.

    You would do well to listen to or read the transcript from today's press conference put on by the NRA. They have a well thought out analysis of the issue and are developing a plan to put armed guards or police in all schools by the beginning of January 2013. I realize that this is at odds with your plans which have scrapped funding for school security, but I urge you to reconsider your plan and take a good look at the NRA's plan. Disarming the public and then hoping they will not fall prey to the dregs of our society is not a plan.
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    Why even try to apply logic,or law to the issue. Obama has always said he would take your guns ,every last one of them.
    He is just entering the first step.
    This is the man that said the Constitution was outdated and irrelevant .
    He said loud and clear that the Supreme court got it wrong and he would fix that.
    You would not listen . Now you will pay the price.
    Obama said he would change America and he did not mean for the good.
    You voted for him now live with it.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    My simple response ….."You are secure with your ability to buy people to protect you , from people who pay high US Tax dollars for protection, so that you can remove our rights to protect ourselves, from someone like your drunk uncle. This is somewhat annoying.

    The vote will be different next time, based on how you are now trying (and following the agenda you had in the 'Black for Firearms Owners' State of IL, to overtly crush the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which you have no true intellectual ability to interpret since you studied Social Justice, instead of a equal balance of World and American History, or to include a basic understanding of 'free wold' economics............"

    That was about how well as I could of done (not mentioning who I was writing to), to include not using proper punctuation.... So sorry Sailor…. Message for 2A protection (I must be one of those Hicks)........... I'd put my formal University and 'real world' education against that Ivy League - no records of any grades - education any day, except that I actually served my country, not social justice....
    Socialism Kills! Time proven, with a very large body count! We are a Constitutional Republic....... not a Democracy, get it correct!

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