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This is a discussion on One of the best articles yet within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; That was a great article! Thanks for posting. I'm going to send the link to several people I know, including one idiot who thinks banning ...

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Thread: One of the best articles yet

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    That was a great article! Thanks for posting. I'm going to send the link to several people I know, including one idiot who thinks banning "high capacity clips" will stop mass shootings like in Connecticut!!!!
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    Very good. Thanks for the read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Imagine that - a self-proclaimed leftist (he didn't say 'liberal') with an open mind. What a breath of fresh air!
    ^Yes he did not^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    But don't bother showing this to any "Liberals", as they will call this guy crazy and try to get him commited, for thinking the way he does.
    They will say he is just like all the "gun toting" whacko.

    Plus, the guy is making sense, so that right there tells you they will try to cast him as crazy as Rasputin.
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    Now if only there were 100 million more like him to hammer on the DC Hill this way.

    More to point, every legislator in the country needs to read that.

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    Excellent article.
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