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This is a discussion on Handguns, Handguns, Handguns!! within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Pythius I'd be happy to. 99.9% of car accident deaths are unintentional homicides. Wrong, over 50% of vehicle deaths are the result ...

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Thread: Handguns, Handguns, Handguns!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pythius View Post
    I'd be happy to. 99.9% of car accident deaths are unintentional homicides.
    Wrong, over 50% of vehicle deaths are the result of drivers who intentionally get high or drunk, then intentionally get in a vehicle knowing they are impaired and deciding to risk the lives of others for their own personal convenience. That is negligent homicide, not unintentional by any stretch of the imagination.

    Hey, aren't you the dude who was cheer-leading the gun ban in another thread? Yeah, I remember you, now you want to argue for a handgun ban as well. Go back to Britain Redcoat. I like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and my Natural Rights. I have no intention of giving an inch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pythius View Post
    got any evidence that even 1% of auto accidents that result in a fatality, were intentional?
    It all depends on how you define "intentional". If by that you mean someone says "I think I will get drunk so I can kill some random person", then I may agree with your assertion. HOWEVER, if you take a look at drunk driving deaths logically, you have to come to the conclusion that while the person being killed is random, the person doing the killing knew that the death was a likely result of his actions and he knew this before getting drunk. Any resulting "accident" is tainted by a reckless disregard for public safety and a wanton disregard for the life of others (and his own).

    1. The person knew that if he got drunk and drives, he may well kill somone - not any particular person, mind you, just someone

    2. The person makes the decision to drink knowing full well he will drive afterward.

    3. The person gets drunk.

    4. The person drives and kills someone.

    Under these circumstances, I think it is logical to conclude that the drunk driver made a decision PRIOR TO DRINKING that they were willing to take the life of another due to their irresponsible actions. This is not accidental and about 37% of traffic deaths are a result of alcohol.

    Drunk driving statistics
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pythius View Post
    no, I am simply acknowledging the logical fallacy in comparing suicides, automobile accident deaths, acciddental drownings, and death by cardiac arrest...to intentional murders commit with handguns.
    Just curious, do you have ANY stats on how many of these handgun deaths were committed by a person who LEGALLY obtained said handgun?
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    Since Pythius is no longer with us this one is closed.
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