Obama Doesn't Want To Hear It

Obama Doesn't Want To Hear It

This is a discussion on Obama Doesn't Want To Hear It within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This petition, advocating AWB and magazine bans has been up for awhile, and is currently available to sign, remains. It has been up and running ...

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Thread: Obama Doesn't Want To Hear It

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    Obama Doesn't Want To Hear It

    This petition, advocating AWB and magazine bans has been up for awhile, and is currently available to sign, remains. It has been up and running since December 16th, and has garnered little support: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/pet...zines/6y5ZJmvX

    This one, which supports our side, was disabled at 57k signatures:

    It appears the administration's mind is already made up. No surprises there.
    "Ideals are peaceful. History is violent."

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    The majority of our elected officials, from the city level to the federal level careless about the will of the people. Their primary goal, IMO, is to continue to do whatever it takes to be re elected, enrich themselves and receive free medical for life and a very large annual salary and a very large retirement check when they retire. Show me one politician that has gone to Washington and not become rich. Harry Reid is a prime example and lives in a upscale, very expensive hotel while while in Washington with a furnished car and driver 24/7 at taxpayers expense. Heck, the Sec. of Transportation doesn't even own a car and is also furnished transportation 24/7 at taxpayers expense. I ran in those circles for 12 years as an elected city representative and it was very hard not to follow in the footsteps of the so called career politician (parasites IMO).

    Their vote on any possible gun ban will be in a way that it will not impact their future political career

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    "We the people" have spoken and they want an AWB. This demand comes from both sides of 'the people' the 'rightful masters' and not some agenda from the current administration.
    "Confidence is food for the wise man but liquor for the fool"

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    Guns laws could not have prevented Adam Lanza from killing 27 innocents. The real question is what made this disturbed young man into a murderer of children. Where is the outrage at the violent video games he played?
    Yeah, the gun laws had nothing to do with it, so it must have been the video games.

    This message is still lacking personal responsibility and accountability. It's always someone or something else's fault. I don't buy it. Some people are just plain crazy and evil. I wish people would stop pointing fingers at nonsense.

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    The other petition is still running b/c it hasn't yet received enough signatures. The post below the petition against the ban has received a response. Don't like the guy, but no conspiracy here. If you want start another petition each time the previous one gets enough votes and gets a response

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