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You would be right if this were the only forum on guns & gun owners rights.

There are several groups who keep a VERY low profile. They are organized, well funded, quite intelligent and number far more than most are privy. These groups are quite adept in waging war on several fronts against a belief system fostered by Sen. Feinstein.

If this highly restricted AWB (the wording of which we have not yet seen) gets as far as the high courts; you WILL see these people come out of the woodwork; and they ain't the NRA.

I am convinced like minded people monitor and participate on this particular group; yet are very careful NOT to speak what they know or how they know it.
RightsEroding, didn't mean to suggest that all gun owners are sitting on the sidelines. The NRA has 3 million members (or something like that). I just personally know many gun owners that are not members of any organization because they don't agree with every policy or all political actions. I just wanted to encourage people to be heard in one way or another. I appreciate your comments!