By: Larry Sand - president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network.
No Guns in School?
Armed guards have long been the norm on California campuses.
28 December 2012

Here he slams .........................Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public schools, now CEO of a school-reform group, also weighed in: “I have come to the conclusion that StudentsFirst must publicly oppose legislation that would bring firearms into schools, anywhere.”

..........Perhaps Rhee, who now lives in Sacramento with her husband, Mayor Kevin Johnson, is unaware that the Golden State allows schools to employ armed guards if they choose. A man with a gun and a badge might not be patrolling a school near Rhee’s home, but he’s in a school somewhere in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, San Jose, San Bernardino, or Riverside. LaPierre may have thought he was proposing something radical, but the protection he recommends is already in place in many parts of California.

Some good take away discussion on Colorado and other 'Gun Free Zones' - schools:

.........After last summer’s slaughter at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, political scientist John Lott noted that the location wasn’t the closest to the killer’s apartment or the one with the largest audience. “Instead,” Lott observed, “out of all the movie theaters within 20 minutes of his apartment showing the new Batman movie that night, it was the only one where guns were banned.” In Colorado, individuals with permits can carry concealed handguns in most malls, movie theaters, and restaurants. But private businesses can determine whether permit holders can carry guns on their private property.

My Comments: We now must be more vocal and educate eveyone we meet on the fact that firearms save lives when the 'Crazy Shooter' is not the only one with a firearm. Gun Free Zones kill! Politicians are most often the most uniformed people around, next to the Professional Journalist.

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