Obamacare stands up for gun rights

Obamacare stands up for gun rights

This is a discussion on Obamacare stands up for gun rights within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; the PBS Newshour's website (PBS.org/newshour) on 12/31/2012 has a a story titled: "How the Health Reform Law Supports Gun Rights" the gist of the story ...

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Thread: Obamacare stands up for gun rights

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    Obamacare stands up for gun rights

    the PBS Newshour's website (PBS.org/newshour) on 12/31/2012 has a a story titled: "How the Health Reform Law Supports Gun Rights"

    the gist of the story is that in the Affordable Care Act more generally called obamacare, there is a section titled "Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights".

    this section says the health law's wellness programs can't require participants to give information about guns in the house. it also prohibits the Department of Health and Human Services from collecting data on gun use and stops insurance companies from denying coverage or raising premiums on members because of gun use.

    needless to say, many anti-gun health care organizations are protesting these provisions as preventing health care professionals from doing their jobs, as they consider firearms to be a menace to human health.

    But others think firearms in your closet are none of a doctor's business.

    this section was added to the bill at the request of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

    the language does not prevent doctors from inquiring about guns in the household.

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    I think unless I come into the doctor's office with a GSW, firearms are not germane to my reasons for being there.
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    Good that it is in the law. But I would refuse to answer if asked such questions.
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    Next they'll claim ur crazy over ur 2nd adm thoughts. As it is now theyre trying to makes us all felons.

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    I would have refused law or no law.

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    It might not be the doctor's business (though confidentiality issues should be strong enough that you can tell your doctor nearly anything). I find it neat that they've said it's not the insurance company's business! If gun-ownership had actually some statistically useful correlate to health costs, you'd think they'd be very interested in knowing, in order to better fine-tune premiums.
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    When I see one of my doctors I know there are at least 2 guns in the room his and mine
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    This title is so blatanly wrong that I am closing it.

    Obama hates gun ownership, as well as Reid.
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