Interesting Obama quote during Barbara Walters interview

Interesting Obama quote during Barbara Walters interview

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Thread: Interesting Obama quote during Barbara Walters interview

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    Interesting Obama quote during Barbara Walters interview

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    Typical liberal, do as we say not as we do.

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    I am not surprise rich folks want armed protection.Remember loud mouth girl rosey o donnel.When press found out she hired arm boduguards for her and kids. This was done right after she blind sided Tom Selleck about NRA and their position and his
    positions on firearms.

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    Just another liberal thinking He and His are more deserving of protection than us mere commoners and Whitehouse resident or not I am sure He feels that way.
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    It's not just the Pres. The rich Elite of Hollywood, Wall St., etc., talking heads-their families and children deserve better protection than the rest of us. If you live in New York and have the $$$ or the fame you too can get a carry permit...just like I heard a pro-gun guy say recently...if you bat .300 for the Yankees, you can get a permit.

    Do you people REALLY believe that the anti-gun people give a rats chance about those children in Sandy Hook beyond the leverage it may give them on taking away YOUR rights? If you do, then you're not really paying attention.
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    I've held the view for many years that "gun control" is not about guns and crime but rather the liberal elitists having control and power over the "commoners".

    It angers me to see the elitists and their smugness that they and theirs deserve more protection than the rest of the people.
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    What amazes me is the shear volume of anti-gun articles that were (& have been) in the papers. It is as if they had these articles "queued up" & ready to go when Sandy Hook occurred.

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    He thinks he's more important than the rest of us.
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    You don't understand. Just like Michael Moores bodyguards that recently got busted for carrying, THEY DESERVE to be protected. Screw the 99%

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 old 0311 View Post
    You don't understand. Just like Michael Moores bodyguards that recently got busted for carrying, THEY DESERVE to be protected. Screw the 99%
    You must have misunderstood the situation, because that's not possible. Michael Moore is a devout believer in a gun-free society. That's why Canada is so much better than the USA (except for his hometown of Flint, MI.).

    Next you'll be telling us that Dianne Feinstein has a carry permit.
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    No surprise they edited it to omit his admission about wanting men with guns around his daughters.
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