You watch a nature film about animals on the African plains and you will always see the crowd of vultures finishing off the remains of a carcass after the lions have dispatched an animal. Why is it that when I watch the politicians andliberal talking heads talking almost hysterically about gun control, as they reference Sandy Hook, do I see them as vultures finishing off the remains of the carcasses of dead children at Sandy Hook? The reason is simple--that is what they are doing. 100,000 petitions for gun control reached the whitehouse in what seemed to be minutes after the shootings---were these people just waiting for this next tragedy?--were they "elated" that it finally happened? Personally, my answer is yes. Reprehensible gun control freaks who cannot wait for a tragedy so they feed off the carcasses of the dead--pure and simple. Even the Mayor of Sandy Hook has asked the liberal media to leave--their presence had become a festering sore of callous indifference to the suffering of these parents and that community--no amount of Diane Sawyer "goody two shoes" reporting can make a silk purse of caring out of the sow's ear of utter disrespect that these disengenous vultures have shown in their "extensive coverage" and discussion of this tragedy, as they misinform the public about literally every aspect of gun control and the 2nd Amendment.