You've probably seen the emotional Youtube video of Hollywood "stars" in the "Demand a Plan" campaign created by "Mayors Against Illegal Guns". There is also a website (Demand a Plan - Home), on which supporters of "assault weapons ban" and "ban high-cap mags" can automatically write or call their Washington reps.

As I was checking out that site, I wondered if I could use the site for my own views of NOT supporting the AWB/banning high-cap I used their "Email Congress & the President" function, but modified the default text of the letter to urge them NOT to support any additional gun control laws...and it worked. The "pro-gun" message was sent.

I wonder...if more people from this and other sites were to do this, and use their own "tool" against them, if we might possibly destroy any credibility the site (and the anti-gun push) has at all?

Just a thought...