Good read- Second amendment and the kool-aid drinkers

Good read- Second amendment and the kool-aid drinkers

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Thread: Good read- Second amendment and the kool-aid drinkers

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    Good read- Second amendment and the kool-aid drinkers

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    Good read- Second amendment and the kool-aid drinkers

    Good read indeed!

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    I'd prefer it never comes to this. It's all ugly.
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    Yeah, what "UN" country is going to try to take our arms? The Brits? They're the only ones with any sort of real army and they tried twice before wising up.
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    You have to be kidding yourself if you think that the armed forces or LEO won't violate our constitutional rights. They do it everyday.

    When it comes down to feeding their families ie. their security, they won't be thinking much about your rights on paper.
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    Those shinny blue helmets make great targets, dont see this happening.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    That is a very good read.

    My question - this all happens after the Gov declairs us all Felons if we do not surrender our Arms. Well at that point, what would you have to lose?
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    This has also been posted on my NY firearm forum.

    Here are my two replies.

    "Interesting. What about the confiscations that took place after Katrina? He does not address that. "

    "Quote Originally Posted by DWrath View Post
    I see Katrina as being to their advantage... Most people were displaced and those who didn't leave were far outnumbered by government goons. In all the chaos I think it would have been impossible for communities to organize any sort of meaningful resistance."

    and my final reply.

    "That's the point kinda. I didn't see armed national guards men and women standing up to the Federal and local authorities that were confiscating weapons from people's homes. Did you? Oh wait according to someone interviewed the coast guard and the national guard were the ones assisting them.....

    Yes none of us were there. So WE will never know. But the people that were interviewed were present I believe. So yes it comes down to who do you believe. And here WE are......

    Im not so sure if the military forces still stationed in the United States would stand up for citizens or not, I really don't know. I support our troops 100%. And thank all who have served and are currently serving. But if the National Guard stood by, even joined in. I'm quite concerned........ "

    NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina - YouTube

    Staff Sgt. Refuses Gun Grab - Reality Report Special Interview - YouTube

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    Don't ever think that our servicemen and women or LEOs wouldn't carry out orders to confiscate guns and to take action, up to firing on citizens, that don't comply. Look what happened in Nazi Germany. Do you think the Holocaust was carried out by a group of "evil men?" Well, by definition I guess they were, but these were sons, fathers, husbands, brothers, neighbors, friends, and fellow countrymen of the people they murdered. There is overwhelming evidence of human's nature to comply with and obey authority. Our servicemen and women are trained to follow orders.

    I say this meaning no disrespect to our military personnel. I hope I am completely wrong on this, and I know that there would be a large number that would refuse such action. But history has taught us over and over that humans are capable of horrendous things when they believe they have no other choice. Suffice to say that if things came to that it would be very ugly.
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    I made that very point when I attended The Holocaust Museum in DC and was discussing why the police and military carried out the orders of Hitler.
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    Honestly I don't ever think it will come to this, without ever violating the 2A they can levy taxes on ammo/firearms/reloading supplies and make it too expensive to shoot. That on top of some hi-cap bans should help to realize his final goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Dawg View Post
    Honestly I don't ever think it will come to this, without ever violating the 2A they can levy taxes on ammo/firearms/reloading supplies and make it too expensive to shoot. That on top of some hi-cap bans should help to realize his final goal.
    Everyone needs to understand, they are trying to destroy the Second Amendment.

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