While I agree that the NRA-ILA is indeed a strong force on Capitol Hill, my logical mind tells me they are at a minimum not doing enough and at worst, possibly making a grave error fighting a *new* war with old weapons and strategy.

The ILA doesn't exist to wave the flag or go on public opinion escapades.
Public opinion "escapades" is precisely what gets officials elected. Sad; but still true.
Garnering public opinion is probably exactly what they need to be doing today.

The ILA was formed in 1975; the atmosphere is far different in 2013. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but even our best military
minds realize, as the nature of war changes, so must our battlefield strategy if we desire to win the day. Make no mistake, this current onslaught to the 2nd amendment (and other rights) by elected officials who no longer do the peoples bidding, coupled with deep media bias is a *New* type of warfare that was unknown in 1975 or even 2004 for that matter.

It is nearly impossible to win "the hearts & minds" of the people, when the people are denied the truth.
The truth is bought & paid for in the media by people who have unlimited resources to spew whatever they wish to advance any agenda
that satisfies their desires; what ever they may be.

I maintain, the NRA-ILA needs to win the "hearts & minds" of the American people through means far beyond the confines of Capitol Hill.

Writing letters is great. Talking to neighbors etc is great. Grass roots movements in this current culture may garner minimal attention for a period; yet is now ineffective in the long term.

From the ILA's web page:

In 1986, the NRA and millions of gun owners nationwide applauded as the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan.
President Reagan is no longer in office. We have the opposite in office. It's a *new* game with *new* rules.

Resting on past laurels is dangerous.

When restrictive “gun control” legislation is proposed at the local, state or federal level, NRA members and supporters are alerted and respond with individual letters, faxes, e-mails and calls to their elected representatives to make their views known.
No longer enough.

FOX News, presumably a conservative media outlet and claiming a larger viewership than other liberal networks combined, could and should run ads by the NRA to reach more Americans with the truth..NOT just gun owners. Perhaps FOX would give the NRA a rate discount if they (FOX) believe in this fight.

4 million NRA members. I have no idea what the NRA's war chest looks like; perhaps it is financially not feasible... but I believe it would be money well spent.

Yep. This is only my opinion. I hope I am wrong, but something tells me I am not when I look around and see how battles and wars are won in this period of history.