Americn Thinker
January 6, 2013

Some simple steps to really get the attention of your local US Rep!

.....Emails and phone calls may have a modest but fleeting effect on most ordinary Congressional votes. However, the Obama Gun Grab is not an ordinary vote.

.....So, what actions can a responsible gun owner take to stop this legislative insanity? First and foremost, accept that you have fears and channel that anger and outrage into a productive and effective plan to defeat this legislation. Humans have an instinctual fear / threat reaction that saved our Pleistocene ancestors on the plains of Africa. Today gun owners must not wave weapons in the air and jabber mindlessly at those who wish to disarm us.

My Comments: I think the $ recommended dollar figure is a bit high for most of us and a lower figure would have the same impact. Also, I would not ask for them to mail it unless they were already pro-2A.

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