Click the link and electronically contact the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner regarding the protection of the Second Amendment. Send MANY letters. Now's the time to get rolling.

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Here's what I just wrote:

"Speaker Boehner, please do not compromise on the 2nd Amendment. The Bill of Rights has stood for 221 years and forces are aligning to dismantle our Right to Bear Arms. Limiting the rights of hundreds of millions of law-abiding citizens due to the deranged actions of a few individuals is not representing the people. Arbitrarily limiting magazines to 10 rounds will not stop deranged lunatics. Home invasions are on the rise, and they are being done by gangs of criminals not just one lone person. Registration will not stop a criminal from stealing a gun and using it to commit a crime. These useless measures are only handicapping the law-abiding citizens and not stopping criminals who do not subscribe to the legal processes. I have personally faced armed criminals breaking into my home while I was staring them in the eye. My having a firearm was the only thing that stopped them. I am a Financial Executive, I pay a ton of taxes, and I am a husband and father to two young children. I am my family's sole source of support and protection. Please do not let legislators who are ignorant of guns decide what I do or do not need to protect my family. We don't have hardened work places with armed guards, federal police, and metal detectors. We're on our own out here. The police can't protect us, they can only collect evidence after a crime is committed. It's brutal out here. Please do your part to protect The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and our Freedom and Ability to PROTECT OURSELVES!!! Thank you."