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The Second Amendment Pledge

I pledge to uphold defend and comply with the Second Amendment to the bill of rights in our United States constitution. Abiding by the original intent of our founding fathers in recognizing the preexisting God given, inalienable right of we the people together and individually to acquire, keep and bear arms.

The advance of technology does not alter nor affect this right. Any action, edict, decree or demand by any entity which negatively impacts or infringes on our right to modern state of the art arms and magazines is a treasonous criminal act, an unjust and an “illegal” law – null and void.

It is my highest duty and honor to respond to such a despotic lawless act with peaceful civil disobedience, contempt, defiance and resolute hyperactive resistance.

The Second Amendment Pledge, by Mark in Corpus Christie, TX (Tom Gresham's Gun Talk)