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Former Marine Joshua Boston on Piers Morgan

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Thread: Former Marine Joshua Boston on Piers Morgan

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    Great video! He represented us better than Alex Jones. My opinion anyway.

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    I saw that Piers Morgan saw that he was losing the debate and the Marine was making good points, so he shut it down quickly with a patronizing statement. However, that said, someone buy that Marine a beer!
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    It seems like someone has pushed the stupid button and all of these Goofy look-a-like+sound-a-like Piers Morgan’ s and Senator Dianne Feinstein’s started coming out of the woodwork…like little roaches and ants in search of food & water.

    Goose-Stepping under direction of Mr. “O”, onto the scene and imposing their Anti-Crusades Agenda, on “We the People”.

    Spewing their pie in the sky artifice, outright fakery, and delusional theories: About the evils of firearms.

    They are all taking advantage of their cunning devices; TV, radio, and print and social media. Which they use as expedients to exploit their own special anti-interest group’s anti agendas.

    The more Pro-Firearms enthusiasts come forward and enlighten the truth to “We the People”. Informing all the Sheeple who think…no…has no idea how #delusional all of these anti Morgan’s and Senator Feinstein’s really are, until they hear the pro-sophisticated explanations. Now that the Sheeple, are becoming properly educated by the pro-community. The more the anti’s crusade, is only starting to achieve one goal, and that is of insulting the intelligence of “We the People”.

    Multi Capacity Clips and Semi-Automatic Firearms: “Enable a shooter to being able to leap tall buildings with a single bound”?

    How long has the semi-automatic 1911 been in circulation?

    They, the Morgan’s and Senator Feinstein’s, are now, only becoming an insulated to the intelligence of “We the People”.

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    I think he did a fairly good job. He knew who and what Piers Morgan is about and took up the challenge like a devil-dog. No, he wasn't the most articulate and certinally un-polished around the edges but a good job considering his 'host' was doing all he could to counter the discourse.

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    Simply outstanding Marine!

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    Should have hit back against the Maccrystal clip about .223 at 3000fps with "you can buy a hunting rifle that can fire a larger bullet .30 caliber and above at over 3300fps. Nobody talks about those but wants to pick on the AR-15 because they think it looks scary. Also, about shooting 100 rounds in a minute, a trained handgun owner can unload 5 magazines in under a minute even with 10 round magazines that's 50 shots. Capacity doesn't matter either in this case."

    And to the difference between registering your car and registering your firearm. "You can give your car to anyone you want and sign the title. An NFA firearm you cannot, there's more red tape that doesn't need to be there since I am not a criminal. You treat me like I'm a monster when I did nothing against the law, and in fact by using my second amendment rights am in protection of our other laws against murder, rape, assault etc. as well as protecting the rights of someone to express a dissenting opinion. Without the second amendment to protect the rest, the bill of rights falls apart because a government can walk all over us."
    No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
    -Thomas Jefferson

    Laws are restrictive but sometimes necessary to maintain a civil society. Rights are nonrestrictive but are always necessary to maintain a free society.

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