I tried to send this letter to Moyers, But he apparently does not believe in the first or second ammendments, Because they deleited this comment:Your not making yourself look intellegent with the Archie Bunker clip. You will find EVERY NRA member DISCUSTED & sad with all killing of innocent victems of these COWARDS!
These COWARDS only pick unarmed victims That are disillusioned by GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES & No Guns Allowed signs. These COWARDS do not Abide by the law. More Laws ONLY stop Law abiding Gun Owners from Protecting the Innocent and themselves.

Signs , Laws , Zones, 911 Calls Will NOT Stop these tragedies. ONE (1) Well placed bullit to the head WILL! There are MILLIONS of Gunowners that will Defend YOU & Anyone around, from these loosers. NRA members are Firemen Policemen Teachers Lawyers And yes, Janitors.

Please do not cast judgement on our motives or Integrity.

We care as you do, But we can and Will do what it takes to stop them, NOW!

I carry my gun everywhere, including to Church. I pray i never need it, but i will use it as a defensive TOOL, as ALL NRA & C/C Holders are Trained to do. Its our unwritten Creed to DEFEND the Innocent!

Please THINK before you insult your audience. Thank You for your Time, John Kutzler, Westfield Wi