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No matter how much "money" is contributed, they do pay attention to input from voters... who put them in office. If they don't , vote them out next time for someone who will and they will then.... and send money to those who run against them that will.
Exactly! (4) million NRA members spread across 50 states won't cut it.

As I originally stated, "The People" need to be reached. When I speak with anyone other than gun owners about the 2nd amendment attack currently raging, they look like deer in the highway struck by hi-beams. Even people who only hunt water fowl believe they are immune to a gun takeaway program since they don't have, need or require a 30 rnd clip. Because they feel this way, they are not engaged.

(4) million NRA members do not have the power to "vote out" the left-ist base, let alone their agenda. Look who's in office for a 2nd term!
How'd he do it? Advertising. He sold it to the American people with media.

To those who say major networks won't allow the NRA to produce (NOT) pro-gun ads...how about (Pro 2A) ads.

Has the NRA even tried? I would think FOX news would be thrilled to give the NRA some 30 second spots for a tidy sum.

I hate to be one of those "I told you so's"...but staying the course they are on IMO, will prove too little, too late.

Until then, I will write my reps, donate money etc..at least I can hold my head high and go down swinging.