America land of the free ?

America land of the free ?

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Thread: America land of the free ?

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    America land of the free ?

    America land of the free. A free state of the people to choose and make their own decisions and have freedom of speech But what makes us a free state. What power do the people of the United States have that can guarantee us our freedom in this country, That other countries do not have and their rights were taken away from them. The people who wrote the Constitution new what was needed to protect the people's rights to maintain a free state. The people in this country can only protect the First Amendment if they have the Second Amendment. If they take our second amendment rights away meaning not having the weapons to protect yourself and your freedom using (weapons) of (((equal power))) against your enemies. If they take the one thing away from us that can protect us from a tyrannical government would that mean we are no longer (America land of the free). The people would no longer have the means to protect themselves from corrupt politicians who lie to the people to get what they want and you would be completely defenseless against them ...(( In your opinion what is the one thing in this free country that if it was taken away from us, would mean we are no longer a free state?)). And if your answer is our second amendment would that mean this current administration would be the ones to destroy America land of the free, and they would be recorded in history books as the government who took America's freedom away and their families would have to live with that forever.

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    I'd argue that if your concern is with freedom, you are seriously underestimating the size of the problem by merely focusing on the Second Amendment. When the Constitution was originally drafted, it made no guarantees about individual liberty except as limits to federal power and many of the founders realized that without those, the government could justify anything. That's why the first 10 Amendments had to be made to it before it would be signed into existence. The entire Bill of Rights has been under attack for decades and it started with the imposition of the Federal Income Tax. Since then it's been a fairly constant and in my mind geometrically progressing issue; the death by 1000 cuts is coming ever more swiftly. RICO confiscation rules, the USA Patriot Act (anything but), the Kelo decision and gun control efforts, as examples, are all in direct conflict. Sadly for a majority of people, as long as they have entertainment, cheap food, and their special-interest spending they care less and less about these issues.

    Personally I have no desire to live as someone's pet or livestock, but the system has already captured all of us to some degree. I work in higher ed and as an industry we are completely dependent upon Federal Student Loans. End that program and my industry collapses. I could live with it, but I have colleagues who would do everything in their power to keep that going. When we fear a loss of our livelihood (because we've complied more debt than is probably reasonable under our ravenous desire for consumer goods) it is more likely that we pay attention to those specifics and less likely to our liberty.

    So as we become more like sheep and less like human beings, is it not obvious that we will be treated as such? Unless we push for more personal responsibility and less government on all fronts, not just the Second Amendment, this problem is only going to get worse.
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