email to VP Joe Biden

email to VP Joe Biden

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Thread: email to VP Joe Biden

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    email to VP Joe Biden

    While it may do no good, this is a copy of an email I sent to VP Biden. While not a supporter of their political platform, I was truly impressed with VP Biden's speech during the dedication of the flight 93 memorial. I actually got a person card back. I am hoping that because I was actually responded to, that perhaps this particular email will somehow make it through.

    I will encourage my fellow DC members, if you have real-life personal stories that support our position, please use these real life stories in contacting our political leaders--there is power in our real-life encounters. It surely can't hurt our cause.

    Sir: I have written you once before regarding your speech at the dedication of the flight 93 memorial. I was honored by your personal response. This email is in regards to the current issues surrounding gun violence. The issues are obviously multi-factoral, but I just want to share a personal story regarding Assualt weapons. I have often heard the phrase, "who really needs one?" Back in the mid 90's, my wife and I were, during a fishing trip, involved in a prolonged and very terrify encounter with 3 evil men. The nearest law enforcement was literally hours away (out West, in the plains and intermountain west, this can still be true today). We were completely on our own. Even today, I can still recall the feeling of terror and helplessness as we sped away from them, with them in high speed pursuit. I had a pistol on the seat beside me, but from a tactical point-of-view, I knew I was at a life-threatening disadvantage--I still remember thinking during that ordeal that I wished I had an AR with me. While my wife and I survived, that experience has changed us both.

    Firearms are merely tools--deadly tools, yes, but still tools. While evil men (and the occasional woman) have access to these kinds of tools, do not deprive us law-abiding citizens of the means to defend ourselves because the EVIL men and women are indeed still out there, seeking to prey on those who they see as "easy meat".


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    Scott, US Army 1974-2004

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
    - Ronald Reagan

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    Thank you for your service Chaplain.

    Lets hope that there is still some honesty & integrity remaining in the political system and the administration will actually read & take letters like yours to heart rather than cram a political agenda down our throats (a la Obamacare).

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