If you have not already contacted your Senators & Representatives in Washington, DC you should do it right now through the Ruger site.

If you have, you should then set down and right each and every one of your local state legislators. TN has 33 Senate Districts and 99 House Districts. I just finished sending a letter to each and every one of them.

Here is what I sent (copied from somewhere else):

I was reading the bill Wyoming is proposing. (H.B. 0104). Amends W.S. 6-8-405. It
basically tells the Federal Gov to butt out. Any law they pass that is unconstitutional
and violates the Constitution, bill of rights, or the declaration of independence is null
and void in their state.
> And any federal officer that comes into the state will be arrested and spend 1-5
years in jail and face a fine.
> This covers all guns, high capacity magazines, firearm accessories, ammunition owned
and or manufactured in the state as long as they don't leave the state.
> Texas, Oklahoma are following suite. Tennessee needs to do the same. The President
is ignoring the congress and the Constitution.
> We need to protect ourselves from this tyranny and unlawful President.
> This is all about power and destroying our country. It has absolutely nothing to do
with safety.
> Thank you for your concern and service to the state of Tennessee.
> Ron (last name)
Spring City, TN

By the time I was finished, I had already received two replies. Here they are:


As your state senator I will do all I can to protect our 2nd Amendment right. Tennessee
will be considering legislation in the upcoming session that will attempt to stop any
federal enforcement of gun bans.

I will support such legislation.

Mike (Bell)

The Wyoming bill is the blue print for my initiative. It is not just a 2nd amendment
issue but a states right sovereignty issue.
We will endeavor to persevere. Question; where in Tennessee are you from?
Joe Carr

We all need to let them know how we feel.