Outlook of what is to come

Outlook of what is to come

This is a discussion on Outlook of what is to come within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Some insight as to what Glen Beck sees coming. While hard not to stand on your rights and fight with guns I don't think that ...

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Thread: Outlook of what is to come

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    Outlook of what is to come

    Some insight as to what Glen Beck sees coming. While hard not to stand on your rights and fight with guns I don't think that to be the best here. Like Glen I see us losing, peacefully protest being a better option but it has to have numbers to succeed.

    While I don't agree 100% with Glen I do agree.

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    So in this unlikely scenario we are all expected to be arrested as felons, hire attorneys and pay the exorbitant costs associated with legal defense, and risk being put in prison for many years? That's not a victory, that would be an expensive defeat.

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    I disagree with his statement that he thinks people rising up would destroy the Constitution. I believe there are far more military and police that will refuse to implement a dictators rules than is believed by many. I believe that most of the Southern States WOULD refuse to allow door to door confiscations.

    That said, armed rebellion is and should ALWAYS be the very last solution.

    The American colonies put up with abuse heaped upon abuse, tax thrown on tax, until they had enough. It took decades, but they finally told Fat George, "Enough!"

    Do I want to see that? No.

    I want to seek redress as the colonists tried and tried and tried. You never know. New elections can replace the idiots now shoving these things down our throats.
    Fortune Favors the Bold!

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    OK, I say no and get arrested. Does Glenn believe that the police won't confiscate my guns and destroy them anyway, while I sit in a detention camp for the next several years? Good luck with that. But it does depend on the military, if they enforce Zippy's rules it will not go well. If they don't, it will be over shortly, and if they don't there won't be ANY NATO planes anywhere to be seen.

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