I'm of the opinion that part of our battle must be to change the perception/attitude of ordinary citizens, as well as putting pressure on our legislators.

In the area of attitude change, I think it's important for us (as responsible gun owners who see "gun control" measures as one step on the slippery slope to total gun confiscation) to respond to mainstream articles calling for "gun control". Well, Nicholas Kristof is an extremely popular & influential journalist for the NY Times (I know, I know...), and he's written an article calling for support of Obama's "gun control" measures.

Last night, when I originally read the piece, I saw a predominance of "pro-gun" responses that basically corrected everything that Kristof had wrong. But this morning, I see that most of the new responses agree with his "gun control" premise.

So...I think it would be helpful for members of this forum to respond to his article...in a respectful and rational way...correcting all the misconceptions that other non-gun owners have.