Help the NRA

Help the NRA

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Thread: Help the NRA

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    Help the NRA

    Just a thought; maybe a great idea?

    We all have talents and abilities.
    I think many Pro 2A people can do more than send money.

    I recently wrote a letter to the NRA/ILA offering my services as a professional photographer/videographer...FREE of charge.

    I can't devote 100% of time of course, but I did offer them the opportunity for me to produce (1) piece for them to evaluate for use
    in their campaign. The production would require about 75 hrs of my TIME. Time is a valuable commodity to me; one I am willing to donate to this cause.

    Haven't heard back from them yet, but I only extended the offer yesterday.

    Perhaps we can all do something similar?
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    I agree we can do more than send money. I don't know if they are able to manage something like that.

    Take some of the time and call your reps, write them, email them. I hate to say it but we need to bring up politics more and talk some sense into the sheep. Just win over 1 sheep a week. Open their eyes. Doesn't have to be all gun talk. Ask about the paycheck thing or health care.
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    Probably the biggest thing one can do in support is become an NRA instructor, and teach folks how to shoot, and carry a gun for concealed carry.

    One can become an instructor by going to - Portal for NRA certified Instructors, NRA Education and Training, click find a course in your area. Once you have completed a course you can then advertise courses on this same website. Not only will you get more permits out in the general public and more people thinking the way we do, but if you want you can charge for your services creating a revenue for yourself or for your club or for you local BSA troop, or you can just do it out of the goodness of your heart!

    We have about 100,000 NRA instructors. If every single one of them taught 1 person a year, charged them 75 bucks for a 3.5 hour First Steps course. Then took that money, went to their local Fun shop bought 1 flat of 12 gauge (250 shells) or 2000 22LR, then donated them to their local BSA troop, 4H troop, Royal Rangers, etc.........think of the impact that would have. Hitler once said. 'if you want to change the world all you need to do is change a generation". Not only would 7.5 million dollars be invested back into the industry, but kids would stop playing video games and get their buts out and shoot. The impact would be huge.
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