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Heated debate with the Daughter last night.

This is a discussion on Heated debate with the Daughter last night. within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Rabbit212 God was I stupid at 25. Not calling your daughter stupid my friend this thread just made me think back to ...

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Thread: Heated debate with the Daughter last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabbit212 View Post
    God was I stupid at 25. Not calling your daughter stupid my friend this thread just made me think back to my younger days. Luckily I have grown into this wise know it all early middle age sage. Lol I'm sure when I'm retired I'm looking back and saying, God was I stupid at 43.
    re: part in bold From personal experience, you will!
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    Quote Originally Posted by luv_jeeps View Post
    She's going in for her concealed class tomorrow, but still mentioned that she thinks that people need to register their weapons.

    Not sure how I can get her to move off of supporting any upcoming legislation.
    I'd have simple, short conversations with her in which you ask simple, open-ended questions about what she specifically feels would be the outcomes of this or that limit, ban or prohibition (whether it be on magazine limits, or features of guns, or capability of ammo, caliber, number of guns per month, number of guns carried, number of guns at home, etc). Have her attempt to justify the beliefs. I'm betting you'll be able to help her see where logic doesn't square with the reality. It might take time, and it might singe and fray a few nerves. But it might be worth it, to you.
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    Ask her how much the class costs, the gun costs, practice ammo costs and then ask how hard does she think it is for poor people who live in crime riddled areas to properly protect themselves/family when the gov't charges fees and taxes. Ask her how knowing who the legal owner of a gun is prevents the criminal who stole it from committing a crime or identifying that criminal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luv_jeeps View Post
    I wouldn't buy her anything that won't do the job, just maybe use the statement as a tool to try and sway her a little bit.
    She actually wants the Wifey's CZ, which is not going to happen. I will let her make a decision on what she wants and then go from there.
    As you mention, it IS my Daughter.....
    I understand all that.
    SOLD my guns.
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    You can drag a horse to water but you can't make it drink.... Let it be. I'd be proud that my daughter could sit down and have a conversation with me about anything. So what if she feels that way. She is entitled to her opinion and eventually will or may decide on her own toward your side of the debate. Bottom line is there is no reason to disrespect your daughters opinion. She is obviously well grounded anyway. Let her be herself... I think you done good raising a woman that thinks for herself. At least she is a gun toting shooter willing to take classes for better gun knowledge. I know most 20 somethings would not bother. They are too much into the object and not the journey...

    I say good for her... and good for you doing the dad thing...
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    Heated debate with the Daughter last night.

    Your mistake was linking Hannity. I am 55 and I can't stomach Hannity and his smarmy "let not your heart be troubled "
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    I feel your pain. Only it's my wife that's been giving me grief! She stradles the line between liberal and conservative. I've taken her shooting before and she does enjoy it. She doesn't think guns should be banned but she does believe there isn't any reason for civilians to have AR15's. We've had it out several times in the last month and I finally realized....IT ISN'T HELPING! She believes what she wants regardless of the facts and reason. There comes a point where you just have to agree to disagree.
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