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Am I the only one that feels that pro-gun rallies are counterproductive?

This is a discussion on Am I the only one that feels that pro-gun rallies are counterproductive? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by suntzu But when we do OC places we have a right to ( like the guy at the voting place last year ...

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Thread: Am I the only one that feels that pro-gun rallies are counterproductive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suntzu View Post
    But when we do OC places we have a right to (like the guy at the voting place last year) fols on THIS forum dog the man and say he was trying to get attention. I am a big advocate for OC'ing and have said that we all should be OC'ing more. Again...many people in this forum are against it.
    So true. A guy stands up for his "rights" and most everyone was on him like a hungry dog on a bowl of Gravy Train. And he was perfectly right in what he did. Yet now every other thread is about writng your representative or some other action to protect their rights. Shame on all of them for blatantly trying to bring attention to their cause!

    It's the same old OC vs CC battle. Folks ought to be glad someone carries by any method instead of the griping how "that" manner is so wrong.
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    I think human nature is what it is. On the other hand the tides CAN turn on these anti-gun idiots when enough people, high profile people, stand up. When an equal number of hollywood stars, politicians and others stand up for our rights we could eventually turn this tide. The issue here is that people have the RIGHT to voice and carry. We need to see more of it, not less. If it seems counter productive that's more likely because not enough people are being visible. When 250,000 gun owners march the streets in protest it's not going to look like a band of skin head nut cases. On the other hand our media is completely corrupt right now, just don't buy into that. They are doing all they can to turn gun owners against themselves.

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    I was hanging out with a teacher that was on our side. She had a sign that read “I am a teacher and I support the Second Amendment. Everyone was taking her picture.

    She told me that it really bothers her that they are exploiting a tragedy for their own personal agenda.

    It irritates me when I talk to gun owners that are not NRA members and do absolutely nothing to support our rights.

    95% of gun owners will just complain about the NRA and everything else. If they spent that time taking action, we would not be in this mess.
    Everyone at our rally was dressed nice and looked respectable.

    Like Nutnfancy said “where were you on 1-19-13?”

    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty901 View Post
    I see we are suppose to sit home and just let it happen to us. But of course the anit 2nd amendment crowds can over run the capital riot all they want.
    you sit Home if you want I a m at the rally and will be seen and hear I was there yesterday .
    The teachers union called for a massive turn out to pro test the 2nd amendment today. But it was not a paid work day so not many showed up.
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