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Shooting Less?

This is a discussion on Shooting Less? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have reduced my trips to the range. I have a decent supply of ammo but don't want to shoot what I may not be ...

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Thread: Shooting Less?

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    I have reduced my trips to the range. I have a decent supply of ammo but don't want to shoot what I may not be able to replace when I'd like or at decent prices.

    The other reason I'm avoiding the range is all the newbs out there right now going shooting for the first time with varying amounts of safety training.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangerfield View Post
    Shooting Less?

    Defiantly, I even have a new gun I have not taken out yet.
    I've got two I haven't shot yet.
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    I have been taking a sabbatical because of the scarciness of ammo, yes.
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    Sadly yes. I usually shoot at least one a week firing between 100 and 150 rounds. Although I have a fair amount of 9mm on hand, until I feel comfortable that I can replace it, i have limited my range time.
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    I must admit I am not ... worst yet I was not shotting that much before this, now I am hardly shooting at all!
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    Yes, I'm shooting less. I used to shoot IDPA once a month with a few practice sessions thrown in between matches. IDPA is now every other month for me. We shot this past Saturday-I shot Tula, but the guys shooting brass spent much more time collecting brass than shooting. I have a lot of spent brass and am looking to start reloading at some point.
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    I've cut back.

    I only take what I'll shoot to the range so that I don't shoot too much.
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    I only have a few thousand rounds for each gun, so I'm curtailing my shooting...might need it for self-protection. I'll be at the range tomorrow with my wife, but will only expend a hundred rounds or so.

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    I reload and I plan to shoot my 22 rimfires more so I can get at least the same amount of trigger time as last year.

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    I haven't really curtailed my range trips as of yet, but I do bring different calibers out now. 9X18 Mak and .38 Special seem to be relatively easy to find still, so those come out instead of the 9mm, .40 and .45 I might normally shoot. As for rifles, the ARs pretty much never come out now because that ammo is just a thing of the past at the moment and I don't want to shoot what I won't be able to replace for months at least. I am getting re-acquainted with my surplus bolt-guns. The Mosins and Mausers have been a nice companion out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    I'm not curtailing my range time, but I am doing many more precision exercises, and fewer of the high-volume variety.
    Copy that. And since in most defensive situations a couple well placed shots is better than "spray and pray," the extra time spent on precision drills will work to our benefit.

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    It has been a little discouraging for how many times I've had to turn down going to the range because of the lack of ammo. I have a good amount stored but i'm afraid to go to the range if I can't replace it.

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