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VIDEO: Councilman wets his diaper over lawful armed citizen

This is a discussion on VIDEO: Councilman wets his diaper over lawful armed citizen within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Kudos to the Mayor, and also to the young man who is a shining example of a responsible law abiding citizen, who represented the concealed ...

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Thread: VIDEO: Councilman wets his diaper over lawful armed citizen

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    Kudos to the Mayor, and also to the young man who is a shining example of a responsible law abiding citizen, who represented the concealed carry community with such an honorable attitude in the face of the two counsil members that decided it woulkd be a good idea to break their oath of allegiance to our Constitution and in doing so, dishonor themselves and are worthy of great shame.
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    I'll bet that mayor isn't on mayor Bloomberg's Christmas card list!
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    ...wonderful way to start a week!!! BOTH of those Tories should have slunk away...

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Let's hear it for Mayor Dudley...
    ^^^ Yep!
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    I hope some action is taken or at least these people get unelected at next available opportunity.
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    Seems they broke their oath of office. Give them the boot, effective immediately.

    Amazing video. I got a swell of pride in my heart when both the CPL holder spoke and when the motion for his removal was shot down (forgive the pun).

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    That was excellent, nice to know there are some politicians who get it!!!!
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    'atta boy...Councilman,
    Keep drivin' that wedge between combat veterans and the elite/politicos. Keep showin' such disrespect and disreguard for those whom you've deemed ok to carry a weapon as long its on foriegn soil, but not in THIER govt's offices. Keep alienating those who dedicate thier life and limb in service of our country. Just remember, those are the people who've already been trained to resist an armed oppostition....and seem none to happy to give up thier rights now that they are home.....

    Mr. Mayor,
    I applaud your ability to honor the oath you took, as a servant of the people, not its master. The respect you showed this gentleman, as well as to the responsibilities of your office is to be not only commended, but referred to as an example of how OUR gov't should behave. Thank you, Sir.

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    Oh, this is too good!
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    That was an awesome video. Well played, Mayor.
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    That was a pretty refreshing video to watch. In the present climate it's easy to paint all politicians with the same broad brush.

    At least in Oak Harbor, Washington, there are those who take the job seriously and agree to abide by the laws they are there to uphold.

    Great video, and a mayor who deserves an "attaboy" for showing a backbone.
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    4,575 email to His Honor, the Mayor:

    ...Thank you so much for standing strong for our 2A rights and shaming those two Tories who would eject a model citizen from your meeting, just because he chose to exercise them...after having put his butt on the line in the service of our country...

    ...both of those two would-be tyrants need to be asked to publicly apologize to him and to the voters who misplaced their trust by placing it in them...
    ...Semper Fi...and may God bless you, Sir!!!

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    When good people stand up for what is right, bad people never win. Period. Lets hope this attitude is well... viral across the country.
    "I believe that the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive." - Ronald Reagan

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    Kudos to the mayor. A little surprised though that council chamber is not a gun free zone. I'll have to check the local law here.

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    "Wets his diaper," eh? Sounds more like he shot himself in his proverbial foot.

    The public's business being addressed publicly, attended publicly by the citizens who've hired these people to execute that business. And yet a couple of city council members dare attempt to break their sworn oath and the state and federal constitutions in daring demand such armed citizens disarm or leave the citizens' council meeting.

    Darned tootin', that those two council members should have removed themselves from the public's business in that chamber, since they were so intent on circumventing their duty.

    As the city attorney points out, the WA state preemption statutes disallow local/municipal hirelings to demand non-carry of firearms by citizens.

    @ 7:00, it's pointed out by the mayor (Scott Dudley) that the Oak Harbor City Council members have each sworn an oath to protect the Constitution, essentially dressing down the two council members who dared attempt to restrict the 2A and WA state rights to carry within the Council chambers. Kudos to the city attorney and the mayor for recognizing this, and for speaking publicly and plainly about the attempt to circumvent the statutes and their sworn oath, apologizing to the citizens in attendance. Woo-hoooo! Governance as it should be, though for my money the attempt at a motion to eject the carrying citizens should have been nipped in the bud the moment it was proposed and prior to being voted upon, unlawful and oath-breaking that such a thing was in the first place.

    Kudos, Oak Harbor mayor and city attorney!
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