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Thread: Charlie Rangel:全ome of the Southern Areas .......

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    Lead the way Charlie.
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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    I'll say this as a southern born individual..... my first trip up into the Catskill Mountians was an eye-opener and I knew right where 'redneck/hill-billies' came from (good people too). This dude needs to take a long walk off a short pier.
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    The left is trying to isolate/demonize the South.

    Just about every 'reality show' covers silly southerners doing goofy things. They seek them out to make us look bad.

    They can't get over the fact that most southerners love God and guns...

    I'm glad I don't live up North anymore!
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    I think the Honorable Representative Rangel has it backwards. We'all need overcumin' thar' northan' culture.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    "Northern by birth.
    As soon as I was old enough to decide where I lived, I left.
    Haven't been back. "

    You didn't get far from it in Florida.
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    Misery loves company.
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    There are a lot of people that may be surprised to find out that there's a belt of Southern influence that runs from the Southern portion of the lower peninsula of Michigan, down into Ohio towards Kentucky, and spreads Eastward over to and across Pennsylvania. Many people in those areas are descendants of people bred, born and raised in the South due to the ravages of the Civil War. As the nation began to rebuild after the war, and the South's economy was tattered and torn, many Southerner's migrated to the rust belt at the dawn of the industrial revolution.

    So ..... that 'Southern' influence may be bigger than most people realize.
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    Northern by birth, now I'm an Okie since 2000...i dont think Ok is south, not really sure..southern plains I guess.
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    Just another flub from the "honorable congressman". He should have written about rural homeowners 'cause rural NY had quite a few blue dots according to The Journal.
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    Have Mr. Rangel do your taxes, he knows exactly HOW to save you a ton of money.
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    Isn't this the same dirtbag Rangel who was 'censured' (AKA: had his [corrupt] hand slapped)?

    Dude isn;t worth the keystrokes.


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    I take this personally. The South has already gone through "reconstruction" once. His statements are insensitive and elitist.
    "We must remember that one man is much
    the same as another, and that he is best
    who is trained in the severest school."
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    Charlie Ranngel is a "ghetto-billy" or a "red-thug" whichever you choose.

    It doesn't matter where you come from ignorance is ignorance and there is no way to hide it.
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    "Life is tough but it's really tough if you are stupid"

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    Yes sir, them thar Northern Aggressors want all ya'all and me here to go to that thar education camp. I do believe its what ya rightly call a federal school where we can get a proper education. Sure nough confounding though, what'all with us shooting better and all.
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    Buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth and we can all have a Merry Christmas.

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