Interesting murder stats

Interesting murder stats

This is a discussion on Interesting murder stats within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; According to this source twice as many people are murdered each year with knifes/cutting instruments that with rifles and shotguns combined. Could this be right? ...

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Thread: Interesting murder stats

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    Interesting murder stats

    According to this source twice as many people are murdered each year with knifes/cutting instruments that with rifles and shotguns combined. Could this be right? Heck according to this source more folks are murdered each year by hands, feet and fist than shotguns and rifles combined.
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    That's correct. The FBI statistics showed that rifles/shotguns are the least of our worries.
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    Well know facts but some choose to ignore.
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    Just a lot of those cases if the victim was armed with a SD weapon the outcome would more than likely be either nobody was killed,or the attacker was stopped
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    All rifles account for less than 1% of all gun related crime.
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    I have been thinking about responding to all those people posting about "deaths by guns" with "you don't care about people killed by knives.'

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    You can't use facts to counter the gun-grabbers!

    And that's a fact!
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    That is correct. Anybody that wants to verify can go to the FBI's website and check out the Uniform Crime Reports. Just for fun I complied a few numbers from the reports. I omitted the "firearms not stated" numbers.

    From 2001-2003 when the Federal Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 was still in effect we had 24,897 homicides by firearm. 21,970 were committed with a handgun. 1,266 were by rifle. During that span 5,435 homicides were committed with a knife or cutting instrument.

    From 2004-2011 after the ban expired, 63,099 homicides by firearm were committed. 55,658 from a handgun. 3,155 with a rifle. During that span 14,569 were committed with a knife or cutting instrument.

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