How to Save One Life by Military Arms Channel

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Thread: How to Save One Life by Military Arms Channel

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    How to Save One Life by Military Arms Channel

    Again, Mac hits it out of the park with logic and common sense. Good job Mac! Semper Fi.

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    Semper Fi

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    Makes too much sense....... won't work.
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    I recall hearing President Obama stating if we can save one life it is worth it. That statement has been used over and over through the years for various issues. However America is not about making laws for just one(or a very small group) of its citizens. Can you imagine how it would be if America did make such laws.

    When making a law it needs to looked at from various perspectives. No laws should be made quickly and never made due to a "reaction" of something that shocked.
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    Good video, share with others.
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    It's honestly true, we should be willing to make compromises in order to 'save just one life'. The problem is that the system is not amenable to measurement. How do you tell if a life was saved? The malaria nets program, for example, showed that there was a massive aggregate reduction of malaria-related death. HIV drug subsidies can be shown to (in aggregate) drastically reduce AIDs-related death. Sure, in these scenarios, you can directly see how $15-80 worth of effort can save just one life.

    How do you measure the influence of weapon-related interventions? You cannot. Criminal violence is too multifaceted. Killing sprees are too rare (thankfully, I guess!) to draw any type of baseline. You'd just never know if certain interventions helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    Again, Mac hits it out of the park with logic and common sense. Good job Mac! Semper Fi.
    Thanks, brother.
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    How to Save One Life by Military Arms Channel

    the US gvmt not distributing guns directly to Mexican drug cartels would've saved "just one life".
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldshellback View Post
    Makes too much sense....... won't work.
    SOLD my guns.
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    They keep saying "save one childs life".....BUT didn't the president himself back abortions. Isn't it true that there are more abortions every year then children killed with firearms? It seems very hypocritical

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