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New Yorkers have begun to stand up.

This is a discussion on New Yorkers have begun to stand up. within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am glad they are standing up and hope everywhere else does as well....

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Thread: New Yorkers have begun to stand up.

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    I am glad they are standing up and hope everywhere else does as well.
    "As a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I believe tougher enforcement of our nation's existing gun laws must be done before any more laws are enacted and put on the books."
    Jeff Miller

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    Good for them!!!

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    Good. A united front is key. Can't arrest everyone.
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    Fighting the good fight. Kudos Patriots.
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    Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunder bolt...... Sun Tzu.

    The supreme art of war is to defeat the enemy without fighting........ Sun Tzu.

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    Seems like NY politicians are about to learn a hard lesson on the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

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    Good for them! New York is touted as the head of the country in ways eh? Maybe it's the head of the elephant that's about to wake up also then....

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    There is strength in numbers. Usually (smart) politicians chip away starting at the bottom, affecting only a few people at first, leaving the majority alone, then biding their time to take another small slice of the pie later. People typically won't get involved or take risks to resist oppression when their ox isn't being gored. But Cuomo took a such a broad swat against thousands of gun owners in NY, that he just may have awaken a dog he'd have preferred to have kept sleeping quietly. We're potentially facing similar restrictions here in Massachusetts so we're watching NY carefully and may be following their lead on this. By the way, I know this isn't a "concealed carry" topic but hope the moderators will be forbearing in recognition of how critical this topic is.
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    In other articles several county sheriffs have come forward to say they will not enforce the registration law. That would pretty much leave enforcement to the State Police, and from the posted article..

    Officials estimate at least 1 million semiautomatic rifles are owned in the state, sources said.
    I would be willing to bet that is more rifles than State Police Troopers, could be a bad time to be a trooper

    The first American Revolution started when the lime sucking ******** tried to confiscate arms.

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    Living a life free from fear, means being able to protect it at all times.
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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    Noteworthy that the comments no longer reflect the "haha, New Yorkers got what they deserve" attitude we have seen from some recently.
    "If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast."
    William T. Sherman

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    Good for them. It is time to fight back against a Government that DOES NOT have the peoples best interests at heart.

    Here is a quote from Assemblyman Steve Katz, “I leave my wife and three young daughters home alone for days at a time to represent my constituents here,” Katz said on the floor of the Assembly. “After what happened to the young mother in Loganville, Georgia who defended her two young children against an intruder, this bill will turn me into a criminal because you can bet that before I leave to do the people’s work, there will be more than seven bullets in the magazine of my wife’s firearm.”

    Good for him. Our families are more important then some stupid laws made by people that have no clue. I am sure their families are safely protected.

    Be safe!
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    NEVER point a gun at something you are not prepared to destroy!
    AND for GODS sake, get your finger off the trigger until you are ready to squeeze the trigger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cayman_shen View Post
    Good. A united front is key. Can't arrest everyone.
    They can try, but there is only so much room at the jail. Refuse to pay fines and all they have is incarceration.
    I don't always have nothing to say, but when I do, I post it on Facebook.

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    New Yorkers have begun to stand up.

    The issue is not whether the defiant out number the enforcers, but whether the defiant will unite against the enforcers...

    If ever encounters is a team of police and one gun owner, they will still round them up one at a time...

    That is the danger.

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    New York is nothing but a test case for the Feds to see just exactly what the people will allow.

    When they start arresting their Law Makers for violating the Constitution, then,and only then will they be making foward progress.
    I would rather stand against the cannons of the wicked than against the prayers of the righteous.

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    I think that maybe due to the internet and PRO gun sites like this People that live in the most restrictive States are starting to realize just how much their rights under the 2nd amendment have been infringed on compared to States like Texas Georgia Florida Montana Etc.,and are finally starting to push back,looks like Cuomo kept rubbing the lamp and now he gets to see the Genie he pissed off
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    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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