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So you are saying that the 5 counties of NYC have full control over the outcome of an election for state office?
Although a newbie, I can comment on the reality of NY politics. I volunteered as a college student to work on local campaigns in Albany. When you guys talk about political machines, it gets no bigger nor deeper than what exists in the state of NY. The money that floats in NYC always manages to finance the right efforts in Albany. Gerry-mandering is considered an art form, as is media manipulation and black mail. It truly disgusted me to witness this firsthand and completely turned me off from being involved in politics.

It is important to note that NY is a state of old wealth. There is a semi-autocratic system there that blends in with the political scene. They have figured out how to strike a balance between fear-mongering, state-reliance (those on welfare) and lip-service to actual working taxpayers. This game is starting to run its course though, as more and more young people and working families are emigrating the state (I am gladly one of them). The politicians in NY do not at all care of their working class rights, job opportunities, education costs and tax burden. Those in Albany suck up all the taxpayer money from the state and send it down to NYC to finance their machine down there. The people of NY (outside of NYC) vote in Republicans but they just side with the Dem's once they get a piece of the action.

The state of NY is a good example of where the U.S. may be heading. NY is a sinking ship that is losing jobs, allows the cost of education to sky-rocket, increases social welfare spending and doesn't give a damn about its constituents. I hope we can learn from the mistakes in NY and once NY finds itself a modern-day Detroit, it will shape up.