Perspectives: Utah Sheriffs Association is on the right side of history

An excerpt from the article:

It’s essential that we understand the proper origin of political power. On this subject, many Americans have been systematically misinformed by government schooling and media disinformation. We’ve been taught for generations that the federal government is the supreme power in our land, but that’s not what the Founders intended.
I know that this type of thinking goes against the popular grain, but it's part of our history. This has been the fight since day one.

While this article doesn't specifically address the second amendment, it is written as a result of the letter put out by the Utah Sheriff's Association, which was written in defense of the second amendment.

I find it ironic how most people find the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, to be sacred and immutable, except the 2A. For some reason to take responsibility for one's own defense is looked upon as uncivilized and barbaric. And the the source of offense against life, liberty and happiness, may well be the very gov't we elected to preserve the same.