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POLICE CHIEF... "we can disarm Americans in a generation"

This is a discussion on POLICE CHIEF... "we can disarm Americans in a generation" within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; "We broke the NRA," that's funny, I and about 1,000,000 other people have joined the NRA for the first time within the last month. There ...

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Thread: POLICE CHIEF... "we can disarm Americans in a generation"

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    "We broke the NRA," that's funny, I and about 1,000,000 other people have joined the NRA for the first time within the last month. There was an article in our local paper this week about how CHP applications are up. In the last month our local courthouse has handled over 300 applications, there were 26 applications over the same period last year.

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    Another buffoon, lives in candy-land and eats whatever crap his mayor shovels to him...
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    He's part of the liberal agenda that's at work on this country now.

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    the day they come to get mine or my familys guns from our homes i will go out in a shoot out. not trying to sound cool but i wont give my guns up without a fight!

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    Yeah, you've done a terrific job with the war on drugs. All you will do is create a huge black market for guns, the criminals will have more guns and be much better armed, and the crime rate will sky rocket. Oh wait, that will be good job security for you, won't it chief.
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    Wow! Is this guy for real "We Broke The NRA", he must be on wacky weed. The membership grew by 250,000 between mid December and mid January and tens of thousands extended their membership as i did thru 2017. The membership was 4.25 million members before the anointed one opened his toilet mouth.

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    Cause this worked so well .....oh how we forget ......EPIC FAILURE

    National prohibition of alcohol (1920-33)—the “noble experiment”—was undertaken to reduce crime and corruption, solve social problems, reduce the tax burden created by prisons and poorhouses, and improve health and hygiene in America. The results of that experiment clearly indicate that it was a miserable failure on all counts. The evidence affirms sound economic theory, which predicts that prohibition of mutually beneficial exchanges is doomed to failure.

    The lessons of Prohibition remain important today. They apply not only to the debate over the war on drugs but also to the mounting efforts to drastically reduce access to alcohol and tobacco and to such issues as censorship and bans on insider trading, abortion, and gambling.

    Although consumption of alcohol fell at the beginning of Prohibition, it subsequently increased. Alcohol became more dangerous to consume; crime increased and became “organized”; the court and prison systems were stretched to the breaking point; and corruption of public officials was rampant. No measurable gains were made in productivity or reduced absenteeism. Prohibition removed a significant source of tax revenue and greatly increased government spending. It led many drinkers to switch to opium, marijuana, patent medicines, cocaine, and other dangerous substances that they would have been unlikely to encounter in the absence of Prohibition.

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    I teach my son how to shoot, field strip and care for every weapon I have. I know for a fact he will do the same with his children

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    3 out of 8 of my grandkids go through Hunters Safety, and when the other 5 are old enough they will too...proud of them all..

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    And for every idiot like this guy, there are SEVERAL more who support 2A as much as anyone.

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    My youngest son has more guns than dad already. He can shoot to!
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    In a generation California might possibly belong to Mexico too. See how he likes that.
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