Senate to Move On Gun Control -

Senate Democratic leaders expect to introduce a gun bill that includes most of the proposals backed by President Barack Obama, with the notable exception of a ban on military-style, semiautomatic weapons, a top aide to Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said.

The bill would likely seek to limit the capacity of ammunition magazines; expand background checks to include sales at gun shows and other private transactions; and require better record keeping to keep guns out of the hands of those with mental illnesses. It would also try to curb gun sales in states with more relaxed gun laws to buyers in states with stricter laws.

The details provide the first snapshot of how Senate Democrats plan to move forward on major gun legislation in coming weeks.
Sen. Charles Grassley (R., Iowa), the Judiciary Committee's top Republican, said on C-Span Sunday that he supports enhancing reporting of mental health issues as part of any gun-control law. He also said he opposes any attempt to ban certain weapons, and that support among committee members for Ms. Feinstein's approach seems to be weakening.

A spokesman for Ms. Feinstein wasn't immediately available to comment.
I have no idea why this was leaked on Super Bowl Sunday, because it just won't garner the attention a weekday announcement might.

It could just be a trial balloon.

We need to increase the pressure on our Senators to remind them who they "report" to.

Both Messrs. Kelly and LaPierre appeared on Fox TV's "Fox News Sunday," reiterating points they made to lawmakers. Mr. Kelly, who has started an advocacy group with his wife, said he and Ms. Giffords's top priorities are limiting the capacity of magazines, identifying and providing more assistance to the mentally ill and universal background checks.

Mr. LaPierre strongly opposed universal background checks, saying, "I think they'll turn a universal check on the law-abiding to a universal registry of the law-abiding."

Asked why he believed this when there was nothing in the proposed legislation that would seek to create a universal registry, Mr. LaPierre said, "I don't think you can trust these people" referring to the Obama administration.

Mr. LaPierre was once a fervent supporter of universal background checks. A group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, backed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, planned to hit him on that inconsistency in a 30-second Super Bowl ad that includes footage of him supporting background checks in 1999 congressional testimony.
We now put to bed: The NRA is now against UBC.