How much is enough?

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Thread: How much is enough?

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    Ammo stores well for years in stable conditions. Buy ammo like the price will go up tomorrow. (Oops, it just did)

    I have "enough". Too bad those guns went to the bottom of that deep lake when the boat capsized.
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    I have less than I want, but more than my local Walmart.
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    We should have a free unlimited supply of ammo. Why should we have to work to pay for ammo? We should be entitled to it because it is a constitutionally guaranteed Right to keep and bear Arms and ammo is Arms. Therefore, ammo should be free and so should guns. The government should pay for it...We should get it free...You know, this is the land of the FREE.

    I want my Obama-ammo and my Obama-guns!
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    I would like to have a minimum of 500 rounds of the two pistol calibers I own. Then 2000 each of 22LR and 5.56. Unfortunately I do not have this at this time.
    I am close on the pistol calibers and woefully short on the others. I do not shoot as much as I would like and I only have so much time and not enough money
    to do all the things I enjoy doing.

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    I decided some time ago to stop keeping a lot of ammo around the house, but it ebbs and flows according to how often I shoot and reload. I have no illusions about living long enough to shoot up a bunch of ammo if I was trapped at home by zombies.
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    A lot more bullets on hand than loaded ammunition.

    The mailman is getting his exercise carrying boxes of bullets up the hill to the front porch. I keep telling him he should just pull up the driveway and put the boxes outside the garage door.
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    I try to keep my ammo levels at about 1500 rounds per gun.

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    Last count was approaching 10K rounds. I've got ammo for guns I don't even own anymore

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    How much is enough?

    Quote Originally Posted by J.Thompson View Post
    Last count was approaching 10K rounds. I've got ammo for guns I don't even own anymore
    Works great for the barter system when the SHTF!
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    I don't have near what I want or need on hand. I would ideally have 4000 per caliber but, I have so many different calibers/gauges that that would be A LOT of stinking ammo!! I'm looking at getting a full auto indexing setup that would allow several hundred rounds an hour is what is advertised. Something like the Hornaday Ammo Plant, or a Dillon if I can come up with the green for it.
    A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. --George Washington

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    ...I own Rugers...I won't make enough in MY lifetime to feed them through THEIR lifetime!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    Why not have enough ammo to see the particular firearm through it's life cycle.

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    I used to think 1k, until I realized how few pistol/rifle courses that would get you through. Not thinking I'm gonna keep that much to feed my 8mm Mauser though...
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