Keep the pressure up, everyone!

Keep the pressure up, everyone!

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Thread: Keep the pressure up, everyone!

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    Keep the pressure up, everyone!

    Keep those calls, letters, and emails going out to your representatives, explaining why (in calm and rational ways) your opposition to more "gun control" laws, because the Antis are certainly not going to stop:

    Gun-Control Success Is in Sight for the Brady Campaign -

    "...when you look at something like universal background checks, even the overwhelming majority of gun owners and NRA members do."

    Make sure your gun-owner friends and fence-sitters know why ALL these proposals are bad ideas. If you need ammunition for your arguments, just read thru some of the posts here for background & factual info.

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    Dan Gross (president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence) was the youngest partner at advertising giant J. Walter Thompson in 1997...
    Before Newtown, we were in the process of filming a public-service campaign called “We Are Better Than This” that included victims, law enforcement, clergy, and celebrities. We had big plans to launch it in January on the two-year anniversary of the Tucson tragedy. We had also created a letter from 32 families that had been impacted by the most infamous mass shootings our nation had ever seen—Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora.
    Their side had plans...
    Our side sat on their hands...
    Their leadership is market savvy...
    Our leadership is staid, conservative, and airs attack ads...

    For Rudy's sake! I'm busy writing letters,calling emailing, and meeting with Editors, Senators, Representatives, State and local Authorities. Must I also write the NRA, the GOA, the SAF, and every other gun rights organization in this country? Do I have to tell them to get on the stick?

    "NRA is a huge lobbying force in the halls of government." "GOA is fighting for no compromise gun rights." "SAF is educating people on the Second Amendment."
    ----SO WHAT!!!---

    The other side is doing all that... and they are winning the hearts and minds of John Q. Public. And you can tell me that every half decent poll shows that they won't take our guns away... and that there isn't much support for their agenda... And, you might be right. But they're gonna take something... my bet is with UBCs and possibly mag limits. AND THEY WILL BE PERMANENT... And there will be no "compromise" we won't get anything in return... they'll just take less than they really want and call it "Compromise."

    One month ago today, I said We.Have.Lost.

    People said I should chillax... people said I was a defeatist. people said I was too negative. I've been playing the same song for quite a while now... I must've been an idiot.

    Here's the deal:

    I own maybe two firearms that might be part of ANY ban or restriction. Two C&R (curio and relic, for you newbies) CZ vz. 82 handguns. Each holds 12 rounds of 9X18 Makarov rounds in the magazine. That's it. That's all I own that might remotely be affected by some mag restriction, or other AWB.
    I also own:
    A 10/22 that's currently in pieces, being refurbished.
    A single shot .410 shotgun
    A Hi Point 9mm C9
    A Hi Point .45 ACP
    And one P6 9X18 Makarov pistol

    That's my arsenal, boys and girls... Wanna waste your time comin' to take 'em from me? Go nuts.

    Here's the point:

    I ain't really even got a dog in this hunt... I'm not at risk of having the gestapo come after my guns... They'll just chuckle at my "arsenal"... and it ain't much use to the criminals out there either...

    I am Joe Blow, John Doe, American. I ain't no GI Joe/Rambo/Dirty Harry wannabe. I have arms which I believe will protect my family and myself to the degree of likelihood I could be attacked. I have other security measures in place at the home. But I'm no avid hunter, no avid plinker, no avid shooting sports enthusiast. I practice rigorously for the possibility of armed robbery, or aggravated assault, the most likely perils I might face.

    I believe in the Second Amendment. I will, with extreme prejudice, stop any threat to my family's life or from grave bodily injury. I am not prepared to stop the government from taking my guns, and I'm not planning on that eventuality.

    We must draw a line in the sand... right where we stand ... right now.
    No more infringement.
    No more restriction.
    No more curtailment.

    And, we need the American people to see our side. And we can't expect them to come looking for our views...
    they already "know" what we're all about...
    they "know" we want weapons of mass killing...
    they already "know" we don't care "for the children,"
    they "know" we want criminals to have access to guns, just so we don't have to get ours registered.

    How do they "know" this? They didn't go ASK the Brady Bunch. They didn't ASK Gabby Giffords and Steve Kelley... They didn't ASK Mayor Bloomingidiot...

    And here's the thing... for the most part... those ANTI folks didn't TELLJohn Q. Public we wanted all those things above...

    They told John Q. that they, the antis, just wanted to make it safer in the world... And, since we are the opposition, we must want it less safe in the world...

    And they told John Q. that AWBs, UBCs, mag limits, would make the world a safer place... And (by inference), since we're the opposition, and don't want that stuff; we don't care about the violence in the world... we don't care about the children.

    They lie. But the sweetness of their lie, is that the world will be a better place if John Q. and Jane Q. make us give up just a little bit "for the children" and surely you don't need 30 rounds to kill Bambi, and surely you want to stop criminals from getting guns...

    And we say... "Yeah, but the President's a hypocrite! He's got His kids protected and you can't... Neener neener boo boo!"

    Yeah well... here I go again... I'm on sabbatical... See ya in a few days... maybe sooner.
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    It is getting to the point that I am afraid that I might be considered a stalker, but I will keep writing.

    This morning, my youngest daughter (10) asked me, "Daddy, if President Obama bans guns can we still go target shooting?"

    I have all the fire power I need to keep writing.

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    Yep, we definitely need to keep up the pressure. As I said in a different thread, we need to keep emailing, writing and calling our representatives. And when we feel like we've written one time too many, we need to do it again!

    We also need to be talking to our friends and relatives. My wife and I were visiting my parents a few weeks ago and the subject of the AWB came up. My mother was in favor of the ban. In talking further, we found out that she believed that the "assault weapons" the ban addresses are actual fully automatic weapons. When we set the record straight, she changed her position, and now opposes the ban. We need to do a better job of getting the word out that law abiding citizens don't need "reasonable" restrictions. There is nothing reasonable about them.

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