It begins: Counter attack on Stand Your Ground

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Thread: It begins: Counter attack on Stand Your Ground

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    Angry It begins: Counter attack on Stand Your Ground

    Front page of the Miami Herald yesterday deals with the death of 9 year old Sherdavia Jenkins and how her death is somehow attributable to the Stand Your Ground provision. According to the Herald, the two defendants, Damon "Red Rock" Darling and Leroy "Yellowman" Larose are planning to use this law to skip ccharges and go free. These two "outstanding citizens" decided in July 1, 2006 to have a shootout for reasons unknown and in the process they killed Sherdavia Jenkins.
    Chapter 776.013 2C states that Justifiable Use of Force does not apply if "The person who uses defensive force is engaged in an unlawful activity or is using the dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle to further an unlawful activity."

    Now, at least one of the defendants,Damon "Red Rock" Darling was convicted of selling, manufacturing & delivering Cocaine. So in other words, the "gentleman" was a felon prohibited to have a weapon and thus not legally covered by the new law. And the crux is that the Miami Herald knows it well! How so? In an article published on August 22nd of this year they say so:

    But the law includes a clause prosecutors hope will blunt its effects in stray bullet cases. It doesn't cover anyone ``engaged in unlawful acts.''

    Prosectors in the Jenkins case believe the language should prevent defendants Damon ''Red Rock'' Darling and Leroy ''Yellowman'' Larose from using the new law.

    At the time of the shooting, Darling was a felon and prohibited from carrying a gun. Larose, say police, was in the area to buy drugs.
    Article "New defense law may benefit killers", Aug 22, 2006 by BY SUSANNAH A. NESMITH And NICOLE WHITE
    Now is election time and Anti Gunners are dragging the parents of Sherdavia Jenkins in a tour de force through the usual Liberal suspects:
    So David and Sherrone tell their story. They have told it to state Rep. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall, D-Miami. To gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis (D). To former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. To U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek.(D)
    (Bolds are mine, The Miami Herald apparently forgot to add their political status for some reason or another <snicker>)

    It is clear to me that they don't want to see the killers of this poor little girl in jail but to see the law demolished. If they had any sense of justice, they would be making damn sure that those to "outstanding" citizens pay dearly for their crimes but I am afraid that they are actually hoping (or maybe scheming) for the case to go bad and the criminals to go free so they can achieve their political victory.

    Wayne LaPierre said something that I think applies to AntiGunners:

    “I've come to believe he (Clinton) needs a certain level of violence in this country. He is willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda."

    So does the Miami Herald
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    It seems obvious that the Miami herald has an agenda to persue. A retorical question comes to mind, what ever happened to reporting the facts (news)?
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    Canary in the mine. The main section of the nation's most-popular papers have long been the Entertainment Section, not the News. The guidepost is the entertainment value, not the newsworthiness. While readership numbers show 5x the circulation for the top papers as compared to the National Enquirer, one wouldn't know it by the shallow focus readers have on the real urgencies. I'm convinced it's not an overt plan by papers to subvert the people; rather, the people would simply continue to stop purchasing papers at all if they were merely newsworthy. It's a matter of survival, and it heralds the death of thinking. The best, and worst, of everything. What a country.
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    What do you expect?

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    What?! Seems the paper is definitely anti gun all the way. Fair reporting went out the window long ago.
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    The frustrating thing (one of them!) about the media, and press in particular is - ''spin''.

    They can (could) report with truth and non bias - or they can apply max spin to suit their agendas. The latter is mostly what we see and the sheep just eat it right up with little or no questioning.

    The battle continues - ad infinitum.
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    Unfortunate Miami-based pro-gunners have "had" to deal with the Miami Herald's "objectivity" for some time now.....then again, my local papers, the Tampa Tribune and St. Pete Times aren't too far off from the Miami Herald either.
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    Print Media?

    What exactly is 'freedom of the press'? The ability of a few rich liberals to lie and cheat the American public out of the TRUTH?
    The way the media has stabbed common folks in the back is shameful.
    The believe most of this negative garbage that is 'poured' out in their daily headlines.

    What confuses me is that we DO have the ability to give this country the conservative base it needs to continue on...before 'total' internal destruction arrives, but this large group does not get out to vote!

    We have the votes, definitely the majority of people in this country are conservative type people...but they don't see the future problem facing them head on...wake up folks.

    Vote often...

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    Thank god for FoxNews. At least I have one source who at least trys to give it fair and balanced.
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    This could be a good thing. From what has been presented here, the court will likely hold that the perps were not protected under the law as you have eluded to. That will test the law and set precedent so that other cases of this nature will not be pursued or will be sumarily dismissed.

    I hope that will be the case, but you never know for sure until the descision is handed down.
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    sgtD, if the case was tried anywhere else but Dade (Broward and West Palm too), I'd agree, but i wouldnt pass Catherine Fernandez Rundle (Miami-Dade top DA) to have the case lost to make a political gain.
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    Yeah, up here we have the Orlando Sentinel guarding the fortress of PC liberal misinformation. They ran an article a while back that I saw in a leftover paper at a coffee shop I frequent. It featured this case and several others where violent gun toting murderers were going to walk because of this senseless law. In this case it does not apply and the other cases they quoted where a few valid self defense situations that would have passed anyways.

    I guess they'd be happier if the scumbags ruled the streets so then they could revile the politicians for not providing us with enough police, who will need more tax money, who send people before judges who let them off, because the overcrowded prisons need more tax money, to get back on the street. Sort of like the local rapist/murderer who just got caught after getting probation a few years ago for a rape?

    Sorry, getting off the thread here. Just wish these news papers would try just reporting the facts, maybe then people would actually trust them? Or prosecutors actually apply the laws justly and fairly? Do they remember the idea of "public servant"?

    Sorry, I'm just venting some excess cynical steam......
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    The people know!

    I know people who live 'in the hood' and I guarantee you they know the limits of the 'stand your ground' law. Just like they know how to game the welfare system and personal injury and laws biased against landlords. I guess the people they're trying to scare are all the sheep in the 'burbs, though. Yeah that could be a problem... They're sheep in perpetual condition white. They have no awareness of their surroundings or the law.

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