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Bill O'Reilly wants gun registration and ban AR-15's

This is a discussion on Bill O'Reilly wants gun registration and ban AR-15's within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Sig35seven I guess what you don't see is the support those measures are receiving from the GOP. It's gaining support and Bill ...

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Thread: Bill O'Reilly wants gun registration and ban AR-15's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig35seven View Post
    I guess what you don't see is the support those measures are receiving from the GOP. It's gaining support and Bill O'Reilly is just one of many conservatives who want this type of gun control. Stop looking just to the left...there's crap coming from the right as well. That also is the reality.
    Even Bill himself doesn't claim that he's a Conservative. As a matter of fact, I've seen him argue the opposite more than once. The premise of the show is "no spin" not "Libertarians rock!" If you want that, watch Stossel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NETim View Post
    While I'm no fan of the present iteration of the GOP, you'll have to do more than quote Bill O'Reilly to convince me that the "right wing" is pushing for more gun control.

    When I look at the gun control measures being offered in the House and the Senate, I see they were written, and sponsored, by Democrats. Left leaning Democrats. That's the reality of the situation.
    Agree with NE Tim. What is Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein and obommah and holder??? I'll take O'reilly any day over them. Bloomberg is a Republican in name only

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    Never really cared for O'Reilly anyway, nor The Factor.

    He just isn't nearly as smart on these matters as he'd like to think he is. He just hasn't got a clue and he doesn't bother to look at the facts regarding this topic. Registration and bans on certain firearms are already covered under the Gun Control Act of 1968. He may want to read that legislation via simply Wiki.

    Two thumbs down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckusaret View Post
    I stopped watching him after the first time he had Juan Williams on his show.
    Two buffoons, heck, let's make it three. IMHO.

    I stopped watching Mr. O'Rielly when I realized he was having a 'love affair'...with himself.
    Mr. Williams on the other hand is just an idiot. Why they decided to hire him (Williams) or continue to employ Mr. Combs is beyond my thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig35seven View Post
    I guess what you don't see is the support those measures are receiving from the GOP. It's gaining support and Bill O'Reilly is just one of many conservatives who want this type of gun control. Stop looking just to the left...there's crap coming from the right as well. That also is the reality.
    Precisely. Just because the proposals are initiated by Dems, doesn't mean they're not being backed by GOP members. We have to remember that there are plenty of RINOs in Washington; politicians change parties all the time, and more importantly, politicians often cross party lines to get what they want. Something we can't lose sight of is that those GOP members and even Dems that would normally support the Second Amendment, are under the gun, no pun intended, on many different issues. With the fiscal situation we're in, the upcoming sequester (whatever the hell that actually means), the fact that we still don't have a budget, etc. - there are going to be so many back door deals in Congress you'd be hard pressed to know who's really on our side. The GOP wants the financial issues figured out and if they have to "compromise" (read: screw us over) to get what they want, they'll do it.

    In other words, we shouldn't be trusting anyone who hasn't put their vote where their mouth is. We need to keep reminding EVERYONE at the state and federal level that they're fair game when the next election rolls around, be they GOP or Dem. Whether that means writing e-mails, weighing in on Popvox, rallies, whatever. At this point it might be a good idea to start contacting all the folks on TV and radio. Facebook, web sites, all the talk show personalities have ways to contact them. I don't know how many of them actually read their own e-mails but if enough people call them out and challenge their views it'll get their attention. These guys like O'Reilly have large audiences on a daily basis and they have a lot of influence on how people form their own opinions, for better or worse.

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    Bill O'Reilly knows NOTHING about firearms. He can't tell an AR from and AK (yes, he actually got them confused on the air, and then dismissed it as nothing). He doesn't know the difference between a machine gun and a semi-auto and a bolt-action. I like'd the comment on page 1 that he is a Northeasterner that talks out of ignorance. I used to be one of those - I had an opinion based on ignorance. Then I moved out west, bought gun(s), got a CHP and achieved nirvana by getting on (cue Angel Chorus).

    At least Hannity, who says that he owns 2 AR's, knows what he is talking about and is pro-2A. But I dislike him more than O'Reilly.

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    Bill O'Reilly, to borrow his over-used phrase, is a pinhead.
    "Historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment, bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." -- U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings, Re: U.S. vs Emerson (1999)

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    O'Reilly's fallen into the trap of backing gun control measures based on his beliefs about what people need/don't need (e.g., an AR15, a 30-round magazine). The government cannot infringe upon individuals' constitutional rights, and certainly not based on arbitrary definitions of what people need.
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    I used to like O'Reilly but lately he become much to moderate and his ideas about guns are just plain stupid. May he should move to CNN.
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    Bill O'Reilly pretends to have a no spin zone. When is the last time he ever stood for anything?

    His show is boring and I could care less what he says...

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    What worry's me is what they do, say, and think when they get behind closed doors and then only those with them know how they really feel about any given subject!

    They can hoot and holler all they want in public but what really counts is what goes on behind closed doors! They can speak for or against something in the public domain and then vote differently when roll is taken.

    When and if any votes are cast by our elected officials, and we examine their voting record; if and when it is made public. Then and ONLY then will we know where they actually stand.

    If any of my elected officials:
    Vote yes to ban any-type of firearms / Vote yes to limit magazine capacities / Vote yes to any type of ammo bans or restrictions or levied fees / Vote yes to any form of firearms registrations = YOU WILL NOT GET MINE AND SEVERAL OTHER VOTERS I KNOW > VOTES WHEN YOUR CURRENT TERM IS UP WHICH IN TURN WILL COST YOU YOUR ELECTED POST.

    You will become an unemployment statistic!

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    The sad truth is that we can probably expect to be betrayed by our reps in Washington. Most will do whatever they think is in their own best interest within the confines of their immediate political environment, and then try to spin and lie to those of us whom they consider to be ignorant and unsophisticated. I fully expect many of those who should support us to cave and desert to the other side. They are just too corrupted by politics to act honorably. The NRA is the only powerful ally we have that can exert any pressure on them to do the right thing, and even that may likely not be enough this time around. As for O'Reilly, he is just a self absorbed prima dona and I think even his audience realizes that.

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