2014 & the Democrats long term gun-control strategy

2014 & the Democrats long term gun-control strategy

This is a discussion on 2014 & the Democrats long term gun-control strategy within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 07:38 AM EST By Steve Kornacki The gun control president "They deserve a vote!" is a powerful argument, but will it ...

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Thread: 2014 & the Democrats long term gun-control strategy

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    2014 & the Democrats long term gun-control strategy

    Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 07:38 AM EST By Steve Kornacki

    The gun control president
    "They deserve a vote!" is a powerful argument, but will it be enough to shame the GOP into allowing one?

    Read More: The gun control president - Salon.com
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    Vote now, vote no, move on.
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    Due process, Mr. President, due process. Congress has its procedures.
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    In the comment section are the most inane arguments from either side.

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    With resistance gaining steam, the "iron's hottest" right now. Time to strike, if they're going to have a prayer of passing any one of these little lead balloons anytime soon.

    Long term, the goal is, IMO, to sweep arms out of the hands of all citizens to lay the groundwork for serious progression toward as socialistic a society as folks will stomach. And, being incapable of saying no beyond mere words, the People won't have much to say about it at that point. The strategy to get there? Disarm first.
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    Re: 2014 & the Democrats long term gun-control strategy

    Our need to get some public, active support for our side is critical right now...

    Fence sitters in the general population are in favor of what appear to be "common sense" laws... Especially those requiring background checks, and limitations/firming up of straw purchase laws.

    Fence sitters in congress are plentiful enough to pass some of these measures, on both sides as the aisle.

    Voting them out in the mid terms is too little, too late... The President is correct, "This time IS different" at least in that regard.

    This time it's different in other ways, too. The press is pounding hot and heavy, the media giving voice to all of the anti organizations, and none to the NRA, or any of the others...

    AWB, probably not. Magazine limitations, still quite "doable". UBCs virtually a "slam dunk"

    Nothing is certain. For us, anyway.

    The other, less spoken about difference, is that the NRA's lobbying arm may not be the winner here... They may get some limitations on the laws (I wouldn't count on another sunset clause)...

    But, the NRA will tell us, whatever they accomplish, that it was the best they could do. Of THAT you CAN be certain.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    With states flatly legislating NO to anything Obamy passes, arms companies refusing to sell to states that pass these stupid things, every poll you can find going heavily against any of this stuff, regardless of what the media lies about, I dont see any but the most rabid anti politician that wants to stay in office voting any of this stuff through when the smoke clears.
    I could be wrong but you have a nationwide resistance to gun control like never before with public rallies and all the rest.
    This time is different. I dont think many in power realize just how different it is but are maybe getting a hint.

    As far as the NRA after researching where some of the money they take in went too I am not so sure about them anymore. Some of the politicians they gave money too now either are straddling the fence or on the other side. Excuse me? They gave money to politicians that will now vote against us and those politicians still hold an A rating with NRA.
    Something smells with that. JMO
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    2014 & the Democrats long term gun-control strategy

    0bama wants a vote so they can start building their campaigns for Democrat House candidates in 2014...

    They know they can't win much of their "desirements" in the current Congress...in fact, 0bama knows he can't get much of his liberal agenda through the House as currently populated...

    So, their only chance is to build up "ammunition" for the next election...and in their mind, losing on "gun control" now works for their overall agenda...which includes much worse than the AWB...
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