Below is a Facebook post from my LGS. This is a great chance for your voice to be heard during upcoming Illinois Concealed Carry discussions in the legislature. If you live in Illinois and are for concealed carry then you need to get your witness slip entered. (Heck! Even if you aren't in Illinois it probably wouldn't hurt to send in your support!)

Speaker Mike Madigan has called for two hearings, one on the 19th of February in Springfield; & the other on the 22nd of February in Chicago, on the Right to Carry in Illinois.

The 19th of February hearing information is:
• House Judiciary... Hearing - 12:00pm
• Room 114 - Capitol Building- Springfield, IL

The 22nd of February hearing information is:
• House Judiciary Hearing -10:00am
• N-600 - Michael A. Bilandic Building - 160 N LaSalle St., Chicago, IL

We will be posting several witness slips over the next few of days. When we have a new post, you will see ---New--- at the top of the post. When we repeat a post you will see ---Repeat--- at the top of the post. Please share this important information with others.

We would like everyone to fill out one witness slip per person. If you are a non Illinois resident you can try to fill out a witness slips, not sure if it will work for non Illinois residents. We will put instructions for each post on how to fill them out and how we are supporting them, PROPONENT or OPPONENT.

• This first witness slip is for the 19th of February, Judiciary Hearing in Springfield, IL.

Here is how to fill this one out:

I: Identification;
Your name, address, email & phone number must be filled in. In the space for Firm/Business or Agency put (NA), unless you are representing a Firm/Business or Agency. In the space for Title put (NA), unless you have a title.

II: Representation;
In the space for - Persons, groups firms represented in this appearance. Put (NA), unless you are representing a group.

III: Position
In subject matter put the recommended subjects and click the dot above either Proponent or Opponent. You can have more than one subject for this witness slip.
To add another subject click on (add another item).

IV: testimony;
Click on the box for (Record of Appearance Only). This is showing that you want to go on record with your opinion and could not appear in person to give it.

Finally, Click on (I Agree to the ILGA- Terms of Agreement)

Then click - Create (Slip)

Here are the subjects we are recommending for this witness slip along with the position we are taking:

Shall issue license carry - Proponent
Statewide preemption for license to carry - Proponent
May issue License to carry - Opponent
Firearm ban - Opponent
Magazine ban - Opponent
Ammunition ban - Opponent
Registration of firearm/magazines - Opponent
Banning private sales/transfers of firearms - Opponent
One gun a month - Opponent
Report lost or stolen firearm - Opponent

• Again, this witness slip is for the 19th of February only.

There will be more to follow in the coming hours and days. Thanks for helping and supporting us.

Witness Slip