I really want to feel good about this....

I really want to feel good about this....

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Thread: I really want to feel good about this....

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    I really want to feel good about this....

    A response from Nick Rahall, Democrat Congressman from WV....but he's a politician...all of them are and I don't really trust any of them.

    I really want to feel good about this....-img_20130219_221719_913-1-custom-.jpg

    And here's a "friend of the court" filing from the WV AG

    Office of the West Virginia Attorney General - Patrick Morrisey

    And a response from a state legislator I received.

    I completely agree. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, which I believe was placed in the Constitution to secure our liberty as well as to
    enable individuals to protect themselves and their families from violence. It is my opinion that the liberal left is using events like Newtown and
    purposely ignoring the numerous situations where individuals have used their legal firearms to protect themselves from violence (especially situations
    where the defender could not have physically resisted their much larger, stronger assailant any other way) in order to advance their agenda of
    general disarmament. Personally, I do not believe that this agenda has anything to do with stopping crime. I sincerely believe that the objective
    is to give the government a "monopoly on the use of force", which the left believes is necessary to advance the rest of their radical agenda. Mao Tse
    Tung, the psychopathic leftist Chinese dictator who slaughtered tens of millions of his own citizens, once said that power grows out of the barrel
    of a gun. Well, so does freedom.

    Remember, the social contract theory of government upon which ours was established maintains that legitimate government exists only as long as it
    honors its side of an implied contract with the governed. The government's side of the bargain is to respect certain inalienable rights which were
    endowed by our creator. Thus, a social contract theory maintains that our liberties existed prior to the creation of any government, so the government
    did not create or grant the rights we enjoy. Rather, government must respect those pre-existing rights in order to retain its legitimacy as such.
    The Bill of Rights, when viewed through this lens, is not a document that gives us our rights (we already had them), but it is rather the document
    that legitimizes our government. When the government ignores our rights as described but not created by that document, it loses its legitimacy and
    should be undone. Never forget that without the Bill of Rights several states would have never ratified the Constitution that CREATED the Federal
    Government, and so that institution would never have been established on this continent without that language.

    Our founding fathers recognized that as a practical matter government could not be counted on to honor individual rights. Government neither created
    nor granted our rights (for then they would not be rights but mere privileges - such as the "privilege" rather than the right to life itself),
    and so the people would always be left with the responsibility of securing them for themselves. Thus, the right of the people to keep and bear arms
    was not to be abridged in any way. I would invite you to read the Second Amendment very carefully. In the beautiful, succinct language of the
    eighteenth century it states not only that you have this right but why you have it.

    Incidentally, while I agree that we need to put more emphasis on mental health issues, I would also urge caution in this area as well. Remember
    that there are legal mechanisms that allow the state to deprive a person deemed mentally incompetent of many of their rights without a trial. The
    psychiatric community in this country recognizes more than 10,000 different mental health conditions that can be regarded as impairments, and many of
    these rely on very subjective evaluations by the attending psychiatrist or psychologist. That is why the insurance community is very reluctant to
    provide mental health coverage through their policies (it is a very broad and open-ended obligation since almost anyone could be diagnosed with a
    mental health condition at any time and the diagnosis is nothing more than the OPINION of the physician who is being paid for the treatment). The
    ambiguity of mental health definitions and diagnoses could be deployed by the state to deprive you of your rights as well. In fact, in communist
    countries the state often simply decided that its enemies were "insane" and required "reeducation" when they disagreed with the official view on world
    affairs. The emergence of "political correctness" in daily speech in this country is a strong indicator that our left would try to define their
    ideological opponents as clinically mentally incompetent if they could do so. The AMA already has a very leftist official opinion on guns and the
    Obama administration wants to include your gun ownership status in your "medical" records. So, be careful with that as well.

    Thank you for your concern about this matter. I recommend that you contact Senators Rockefeller and Manchin and Congressman Rahall about this very
    important matter. The legislation you are concerned about is being discussed at the Federal rather than the State level and those men are
    members of a political party whose national platform is strongly antagonistic to your Second Amendment rights. It is very important that
    they be constantly reminded about the sincere sentiments of those they represent in order to ensure that they do not fall under the influence of
    their party's leadership and ultimately betray their own constituents on this very important matter.

    Ray Canterbury

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    I applaud Mr. Canterbury for his position, and for his insight. Far too rare in politicians these days.
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    Thank you for your efforts.

    Sounds like the WV AG and Mr. Canterbury have got it right. I believe every one of their cautions about the present climate and the actions and intentions of the federal government ( as well as some state governments ) are valid. I also believe, as Mr. Canterbury pointed out, that a government which attempts to subjugate its citizens and ignore or remove their rights, loses its legitimacy. Governments do not give us our rights and have no legitimate authority to take them away. An illegitimate government is an illegal government.

    Mr. Rahall's comments sounded much like the standard party line to me. He pledged to protect our 2A rights without describing what he believed them to be. We all know too well the danger that maneuver is intended to conceal. Mr. Canterbury was right to cautions us against such people.

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