Maryland Governor's New Proposal Targets Bullet Limits | WatchdogWire

I remember from my childhood a song lyric that read, “Once you trade magic for fact there are no trade-backs.” Have we now entered a point in our political evolution where the reverse has happened and we are now trading fact for magic? In my home state of Maryland, a state where a Democratic super-majority in the state legislature and a Democratic governor have unfettered political control, law-making is seemingly guided by an allegiance to magic. I want to highlight a new proposal on Governor O’Malley’s agenda: a gun-control measure in the form of a bullet limit regulation on magazines.

The tragedy in Newtown has sparked a long-overdue, national conversation regarding targeted violence in our society. A conversation that, in my experience as both a former law-enforcement officer and Secret Service agent, should have been focused on cultural issues and mental health treatment, rather than a war on our God-given right to protect ourselves and our families in a dangerous world.

Despite any evidence that established regulatory measures have curbed targeted violence, and despite the obvious fact that having a firearm enables you to stand a fighting chance when confronted with one, our governor continues to push for more restrictions based on media sound bites. I single out magazine size because in my sixteen-years-plus of experience with firearms as a Secret Service agent, I have never come into contact with a criminal who felt that magazine regulations on the number of permissible bullets was a barrier to him; it is only the legal gun-owner who now is limited in his ability to defend himself.