I just finished rereading "The Second Amendment Primer". It’s been at least 10 years since I read it the first time. The historical perspective in this little gem got me thinking again about what we could change in our society that would be consistent with the founder’s intent. Here you go. I'm looking fwd to seeing your thoughts.

The second amendment does two things. It affirms that that the right to defend oneself is a natural or inalienable right and it recognizes that a free state should rely on armed citizens for the first response to evil violence. If you believe as I do that the 2nd amendment is still valid for our society then what should the Gov’t do that would actually help and be consistent with the intent of the 2nd amendment.

1. Pay for civilian self-defense and firearms training. It’s been suggested that we pay to have police officers at school. It seems like for the salary you pay the officer you could pay for a lot of training for teachers and civilians in every walk of life. Note I’m not talking about just basic safety and marksmanship training. Focus on concealed carry handgun use and include tactics, public scenarios, weapon retention, non-lethal options etc.

2. Pass tort laws to protect citizens who defend their communities from lawsuits. They should be similar to the ‘good Samaritan’ laws that protect civilians who render fist aid. I’m not talking about ‘blanket coverage’ just something that states that if a citizen uses good judgment and makes an honest attempt to save lives he or she can’t be sued for unintentional results. I understand that it will be a difficult law to articulate but if we can wright a law to protect us in the event we crack someone’s rib performing the Heimlich maneuver then we ought to be able to make something that will work to protect citizens who shoot back at potential mass murderers.

If we took these steps, after a few years armed citizens would defend every school, movie theatre, church and mall. It's what the founders called a ‘well regulated militia’.