Bill To Make ALL State Gun Laws FEDERAL!

Bill To Make ALL State Gun Laws FEDERAL!

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Thread: Bill To Make ALL State Gun Laws FEDERAL!

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    Bill To Make ALL State Gun Laws FEDERAL!

    (OK to pass on)

    Gun Owners of America
    S. 54 Would Effectively Ban Even
    More Guns than Feinstein’s Bill!
    Violation of state gun bans would make you a “Prohibited Person” all across the country

    Do you like Cuomo's semi-auto gun ban? D.C.'s microstamping requirement? Rahm Emaunuel's licensure laws?

    The Senate is about to vote to make all of these into federal crimes, turning gun-owning Americans into prohibited persons — meaning they would NOT be able to own a firearm anywhere in the country!

    We have talked about some of the problems with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy's gun “trafficking” bill. Leahy apparently thinks that, if he puts a shiny label on the bill, he can ban as many guns as he wants.

    But, at its core, S. 54 would make it a federal crime to violate virtually any state gun law.

    Section 5 creates a new "prohibited person" classification which makes it a federal crime to transfer a gun if “prohibited by State or local law ... from possessing [or] selling ... THE firearm or ammunition.” [Emphasis added]

    Note the use of the word “the.” We're not talking about a person who's banned from owning ANY firearm. We're talking about a person who's prohibited by ANY state law from possessing a PARTICULAR firearm.

    So do you like Andrew Cuomo's massive gun ban? He bans more types of guns than would Feinstein’s so-called “assault weapons” ban. Yet under S. 54, transferring a firearm banned by Cuomo becomes a federal crime, punishable by ten years in a federal prison — at least for New York residents and possibly for others.

    Do you like California's proposed ammunition ban? That also becomes a federal crime — at least for California residents and perhaps for others.

    So you like gun licensure? A person who doesn't have a license in New York and Illinois is also “prohibited by State ... law ... from possessing [or] selling ... the firearm.” This becomes a federal crime.

    Do you agree with D.C.'s efforts to ban firearms by imposing a microstamping requirement? Transferring a non-microstamped firearm would become a FEDERAL crime under S. 54 — at least for D.C. residents and maybe others.

    By voting for S. 54, your senator will be making guns banned by Andrew Cuomo’s expansive law into federally banned guns, as well. He will be saying, “I like every word of gun control which Rahm Emanuel is pushing.”

    By the way, Senator Leahy is trying to sell S. 54 as a supposed crackdown on gun traffickers. But there’s not one word in this bill that would punish (or prevent) what happened in Fast & Furious, where our government helped send thousands of illegal guns south of the border, resulting in the murders of hundreds of Mexicans and at least one federal agent.

    Moreover, it’s currently illegal to traffic in firearms. It’s illegal to sell a gun to a prohibited person [18 USC 922(d)]. It’s illegal to serve as a straw man [18 USC 922(d)]. It’s illegal to sell a bunch of guns without a license [18 USC 922(a)]. But that’s not what S. 54 is about. The one thing S. 54 would do is to make anti-gun bans being passed by every anti-gun state into federal crimes as well.

    ACTION: Click here to contact your senators. Demand that they oppose S. 54 and speak out against it.

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    IMO, the only real "gun" law that exists IS applicable to all citizens already: the Second Amendment.

    But so long as the 2A exists and state's rights is valued, the last thing in the world we should allow is the feds to strip the states of their right to govern themselves. To sweep up all weapons-related law to be centralized at the federal level is an extreme threat to all citizens and their ability to remain at arms-length distance from government's grasp.
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    This actually really good news. In 1994 the Democrates lost control of both the house and the Senate due to the AWB.
    This kind of stuff sinks them. We need that!!!
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    "I'm set up to play a game right now. However, I doubt most people would want to get into a gun fight with me."

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    The following obviously doesn't apply to those who have been actively opposing, writing, demonstrating, etc.

    These attempts come from the consent of those who agree, from apathy and ignorance and from the majority of gun owners IMO. Where are our fellow gun owners? Look at any gun forum and it's membership. The membership numbers don't begin to approach the number of lawful gun owners. Go to legislative hearings and see the number of gun owners who attend. Demonstrations are rag tag.

    Look at how we are portrayed in ten second sound bytes on the evening news. We are zealots, unsophisticated, ignorant, unenlightened and court jesters for the "elitists". I may be someone who you would not want to associate with on a daily basis. My beliefs, values, etc., may be off putting to you. Our socioeconomic status may be different, but we need each other now more than ever.

    "They" WILL take away your ability to own any kind of gun meaning your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones not to mention me and I deserve your protection too.

    The only thing that keeps you from harming me is your moral compass, opportunity and my ability to kill you. Do not be an intellectual, cultural, and moral coward. Embrace the courage of your convictions.

    Be silent no longer. I need you. We need you.
    "The only thing I'm an expert about is my experience."

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    Where the heck is GOA getting that interpretation of the bill?


    It's about straw purchases, pure and simple.

    It's a bad bill, there's no questioning that. As one commenter said, it's a solution in search of a problem. And it's overreaching, overpenalizing, overboard in all respects.

    But why the heck is GOA totally fabricating this inflammatory call to arms? There's plenty to get your ire up about without making up stuff. That's what the antis do!
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    The only common sense gun legislation was written about 226 years ago.

    I carry always not because I go places trouble is likely, but because trouble has a habit of not staying in its assigned zone.

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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    To OP = Link your article when you post. To the rest of you, thank you for linking it for the OP.

    Edit update: LOL at me = I should change my user name to Cranky Old Marine!
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    Wouldn't that be redundant - says the former private that got his chest caved in and simultaneously snatched up by a Gunny who, in the midday sun, uncovered, (hand to God) looked like a skull atop a tree trunk. No, really, shaved head and you couldn't see his eyes due to the shadows cast by his own face. My sin was calling him "si-" - didn't have time to get the "er" out.

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    Inevitable. This is just the start. The 51% have inevitably started an irreversible slope to self implosion of the old republic.
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    "I believe that the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive." - Ronald Reagan

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    Was that the plan originally..... to get it passed thru the back door while no one was looking ?
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    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
    Chief Justice John Roberts : "I don't see how you can read Heller and not take away from it the notion that the Second Amendment...was extremely important to the framers in their view of what liberty meant."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moby View Post
    This actually really good news. In 1994 the Democrates lost control of both the house and the Senate due to the AWB.
    This kind of stuff sinks them. We need that!!!
    Ehh no, that really isn't true. The Republican party had slowly been building itself in the South since the early 1950s from a party vastly in the minority except in rare enclaves to one that established a broader base due to population and economic growth and behind several leaders, notably Newt Gingrich. Guns played a part, but that didn't tip the scales.

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    GOA was an email. I hadn't had a chance to scope the bill.

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    These "Anti gun" Politicians will write up anything that has a "possibility" of effecting their cause. They will say and write up things that even THEY know will not fly. They are trying to "drown" the public in these scams.

    You ask "Why?".

    Glad you asked. They are doing it to desensitize the public. They put out a scam...the 2nd Amendment supporters fuss and fume and that idea dies. They will keep doing it until 2nd Amendment supporters get "burned out" and goes back to ignoring them, thinking that Politicians can't do anything. THAT is when the real game starts. Never forget that most of these D.C.Snakes are lawyers and it is their "bread and butter" to find legal loopholes.

    Then you ask,"Then what Do we DO?'

    You ask such good questions. DON'T ignore them. Just put it in context before getting all stressed out about it.
    WATCH THEM LIKE HAWKS. Share the information. Stay informed. Let your voice be heard. Contact the Politicians and let them know you ARE watching and don't like that plan.

    Right now, Politics are ripe with advertising ploys. That's what Alexrod does. They know how to target groups and how to work on them. We see this in all politics these days. Don't let them make you a uninformed consumer....the kind that will buy anything.
    A woman must not depend on protection by men. A woman must learn to protect herself.
    Susan B. Anthony
    A armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one has to back it up with his life.
    Robert Heinlein

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moby View Post
    This actually really good news. In 1994 the Democrates lost control of both the house and the Senate due to the AWB.
    This kind of stuff sinks them. We need that!!!
    It does sink them, but unless there's a sunset clause or the republicans get a veto proof 2/3rds in the midterm elections to rescind it, we'll be stuck with it until The Head Idiot in Charge is done.

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